What to Expect When You’re In Love

in love

Ozzias T. Villaver Jr., Ed. D. | VigorBuddy

When will love strike the heart of the person?  How can one resist or stop to entertain this feeling of love?  Is love a part of nature?  How long will love remain in the mind and heart of the person?

He who keeps the ingredients of the menu of love in the heart will be transformed into the best mode of his/her life.  Isn’t it?  Because the more the love is shown without words but more of actions, the more the meaning and the taste of love is understood and appreciated.  The person who shares this feeling of love can really describe so.

Love inflames the getting cold climate of the two hearts.  A twenty-four hour watchful fire.  When two individuals feel their relationship to be losing its tasteful ingredients, love strikes back and tries to recharge them.  Rather than to end the burning fire of relationship, love reestablishes its power and miracle in it.

If only love is understood clearly by those who feel and experience the warmness and beauty of it, there will be tranquility and harmony in their mind and heart;.  and so, the more the individuals  will strengthen their union and genuine vow of “ikaw lang hanggang walang hanggan”  (you alone forever).

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