What does it take to become an oncologist?

What does it take to become an oncologist? You got COVID symptoms, now what? A step by step guide on what to do doctor cancer

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The study of cancer is known as oncology. A doctor who treats cancer and gives professional medical care and treatment to the patient diagnosed with cancer is known as an oncologist. The terminology Oncologist and Cancer specialist are often used interchangeably. 

The three main fields of oncology based on treatment are Medical Oncology, Radiation Oncology, as well as Surgical Oncology. 

  1. The doctors who treat cancer with the use of proper medication and involve chemotherapy, immunotherapy and targeted therapy are known as medical oncologists. 
  2. The ones who treat cancer with the help of radiation therapy are known as radiation oncologists. They use X-rays of extremely high energy and destroy cancer-causing cells from their roots.
  3. This type of surgeon can also perform certain types of biopsies to help diagnose cancer. The ones are known as surgical oncologists usually performed surgery that includes tumour removal and the tissues in neighbouring as well as adjoining areas during surgery. 

There are certain scientific terms for those oncologists who specialise in taking care of patient groups suffering from cancer. The definitions of those medical terms are written below:

  1. Geriatric oncologists are the ones who are working among the people suffering from cancer. These patients usually fall in the age group of 65 and older. This age group tends to face multiplied challenges, hence, geriatric oncologists are specialized in taking the best care of these patients.
  2. Gynecologic oncologists are the oncologists who treat cancer in the reproductive tract of  the female body in organs such as the cervix, oviducts or fallopian tubes, ovaries (left and right), uterus, vagina, vulva, labia majora and labia minora.
  3. The doctors who treat blood cancers, for example, leukaemia, myeloma or lymphoma are known as haematologists-oncologists.
  4. The doctors who treat cancers of the brain, spine and the CNS (short for Central Nervous system) are called neuro-oncologists.
  5. The ones who treat cancer in children and early teenagers are called Pediatric Oncologists. We are aware of the fact that certain types of cancers occur in the age group of the younger population.
  6. Cancer that occurs in the area of the chest, lungs and oesophagus included is treated by thoracic oncologists.
  7. The doctors who treat cancer in the tract of genitourinary, for example, bladder, kidneys, penis, testicles and prostate gland are called Urologic Oncologists.


There are multiple skills that a doctor must work on to become a  best Oncologist in Noida. A few of those are mentioned below which which is a must have for every cancer hospital in Noida: 


  • Communication Skills: One must have excellent communication skills to become an affluent oncologist. They should be good communicators and should know the best way possible to deliver whatever is important for the patient to know. 



  • Compassion: The second in this list would be compassion. It is a fact that patients who are victims of cancer usually are heavily loaded with pain and distress which is why it is the duty of an oncologist to treat them with pure compassion as well as understanding. 



  • Detail-oriented: An oncologist should monitor as well as record the minute pieces of information that are relevant to their patient, properly. This is how a patient will get proper treatment and professional medical help. 



  • Dexterity: Sometimes, Oncologists work with concise tools that in some instances might be quite sharp. This is the reason why a slight mistake could lead to disasters, hence an oncologist is expected to be extremely vigilant.



  • Leadership skills: An oncologist should have great leadership qualities to excel in his or her field. They must know how to manage patients, staff and even professionals. 



  • Organizational skills: It is extremely important to have good organizational skills for an oncologist. 



A best oncologist in Noida should be able to understand and comprehend what kind of cancer is their patient suffering with. In addition to that, knowing its stage is extremely important as well. Several types of cancer are life-risking, hence, diagnosing them at the right time is very essential. 

The cancer hospital in Noida look for advanced research skills and methodology for oncologist. They should constantly evolve in cancer research; they must stay on top of current research and studies to be effective in their positions.

They must keep themselves updated with all relevant cancer-related research and should have enough knowledge about numerous types of cancer and study their treatment methods as well. 


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