What are the ways through which you can reduce joint pain?

What are the ways through which you can reduce joint pain?

What are the ways through which you can reduce joint pain? | Joints connect bones in a body to have a proper shape throughout a person’s animal’s life. To know more about Arthritis, keep reading.


Joints connect bones in a body to have a proper shape throughout a person’s animal’s life. They provide support to a body to move smoothly. Therefore, if you have any problem regarding your joints, such immense pain in any one of the joints in your body from any disease or injury can give you a lot of pain and interrupt your movements. The medical name for joint pains is Arthritis. There is no sure way of preventing joint pain, but here are eight ways to discuss how to reduce joint pain.

What Is Arthritis?  

Arthritis mentions a range of actions that implies pain and inflammation in the joints.

There are two types of arthritis 

Osteoarthritis (OA) Rheumatoid arthritis (RA)

OA happens when cartilage corrosion causes the bones to knead together, leading to grating, defile, and inflammation.

RA is a condition that activates symptoms throughout the body. It is termed an autoimmune disease, and it takes place when the immune system attacks the joint tissue. 

Doctors, in this case, prescribe medicines that lessen the pain in the joints, but they also recommend going through natural processes like exercising, taking herbal supplements, managing weights, etc. 

8 Ways Of Reducing Joint Pain.

Weight Loss Is Vital.

The impact of your weight on arthritis symptoms can be an issue, as your weight puts more pressure on your joints; joints that suffer the most are knees, hips, and feet.

Losing weight when you have OA with obesity is a must. You are doing yourself a favor by losing weight as it drops the stress you are putting on your joints.

It improves your mobility, decreases the pain you go through, and guards you against more damage to your joints.


Doctors often ask arthritis patients to exercise daily; they are asked to walk at least a bit every day if they cannot. But as in coronavirus, things have gotten out of hand; therefore, most patients depended on medicines. Exercises can be done by yourself, but a helping hand like a trainer can motivate you and guide you to do the proper training. 

Exercises that will be suitable for an arthritis patient are:-

Walking, Cycling, Tai chi, and Swimming help keep the joints flexible and strengthen the muscle to keep up with the pain.

Hot, Cold, and Capsaicin Therapies

These therapies help arthritis to cause less pain in the body and relieve inflammation. There are three types of treatment for an arthritis patient through which the person feels less pain.

Heat treatments

In the morning, one with joint pain can take a long, warm bath or shower as it helps the joints feel free from the stiffness that grew over the night. Electric blankets, heat pads can also come in handy at night to reduce pain.

Cold treatments 

Instead of applying ice directly on the skin, it’s better to wrap frozen vegetables in a towel or ice gel pack and apply it to the painful joints for quick relief, as it mitigates swelling, joint pain, and inflammation.


Capsaicin is a component of some relevant ointments and creams made from chili peppers available at any pharmacy shop. In addition, the product offers warmth that calms joint pain.


For acupuncture treatment, you should always find a licensed and certified acupuncturist. The process is a bit scary but believed to be a medical treatment in ancient china where inserting thin needles in a marked area of your body reroutes energy and restores balance. Acupuncture may help reduce the pain in your joints, though there is no proper mention of its benefits. However, the risk of harm is said to be less.

Role Of Meditation In Arthritis 

Stress, anxiety, and depression lead to chronic pain of arthritis. Tai chi and yoga are recommended as they are a combination of breathing techniques, meditation, and relaxation.

According to the National Institute of Health, they have discovered that mindfulness meditation has helped patients with RA arthritis. The inflammation and pain can be reduced by reducing stress. Therefore, meditation and relaxation manners help.

A healthy diet every day keeps the stress away.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are ideal as a healthy diet for people with joint pain. Some dietary choices have affected people with both OA and RA, according to some evidence presented. Green diets provide antioxidants that reduce inflammation by removing the ordinary. 

A diet rich in meat, canned foods, saturated fats, and added sugar and salt could increase inflammation. Maintaining a balanced diet helps this condition.

Health conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, high diabetes, high pressure, and heart disease also give diets similar to this. Therefore, it is not that beneficial for people with joint pain.

Power of turmeric

The yellow spice in India is called turmeric; it contains a chemical called curcumin with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory valuables. Scientists were heard of feeding lab rats’ turmeric, which minimized inflammation in their joints. There is more to know about turmeric, but using it a little bit in your food, especially for arthritis patients, will be a safe option.


A massage every alternative day can do a lot for joint pain. There is no proof that massage actually works for arthritis, but the pressure on the pain relaxes the body and makes it look like it works. 

Still, debates can be done on this topic as it has been proved. Doctors recommend massage therapists, with experience in treating a body with joint pain. People who cannot afford massage therapists should get to know how to self-massage.


Our body is made up of various issues that show up when triggered. Arthritis is one of the most painful conditions a body ever experiences. Therefore, the list of things that are mentioned above can be tried or else you will have to depend on medicines all your life. Medications themselves cannot guarantee to vanish the pain forever. Neither does natural treatment, but using standard ways to treat the condition will motivate you as you are doing it yourself without any medicine’s help. 

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