What Are the Different Types of Nose Jobs?

Nose Jobs

What Are the Different Types of Nose Jobs? | Not everyone is happy with their nose and more than 200,000 Americans make the choice to get their nose done. There are many aspects that contribute to ensuring you get results that you’re happy with.

One of those things is to know the types of nose jobs there are and determining which is best for you. If you’re considering nose surgery, keep reading to learn what these types are so you can get a better nose that fits your face.

Learning the Types of Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty is effective as both a cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. There are five main nose job options you can choose from when getting a nose job. You may only need one type or you may need a combination of these types.

Open Rhinoplasty

Open rhinoplasty is highly invasive. It’s best for patients looking to completely restructure and contour their noses.

Doctors create an opening at the columella. A split is a must during the healing process, and doctors remove it in a week.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is the most common. Doctors create an incision with the nose which reduces how much of an opening is needed.

Patients who want minor reconstruction adjustments will get the best outcome. Scarring is also minimal and involves a shorter downtime.

Filler Rhinoplasty

Filler rhinoplasty is non-surgical. An injectable filler helps correct minor imperfections. Regular treatments are needed as nose fillers dissolve.

Tip Rhinoplasty

Tip rhinoplasty enhances the nose tip. Doctors restructure underlying cartilage. Incisions within the nose help minimize scarring.


Septo-rhinoplasty helps improve your breathing ability. It’s a top choice for those who have a deviated septum. A surgeon makes an opening at the lining in your nose, lifts it from the cartilage and bone to remove bent parts, and straightens it.

Work With a Doctor to Decide Which Nose Job Is Right for You

You must work with an experienced doctor no matter what type of rhinoplasty surgery you get. You place yourself in a better position getting the nose you want without looking botched.

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Enhance How Your Nose Looks

Nose reshaping is an art that is constantly changing over the years. Not every nose is the same so it’s not a surprise that there are a variety of types of nose jobs available.

As techniques increase, so do the benefits and outcomes. When you work with a competent and skilled doctor on top of this, you are sure to love your results.

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