Ways to Create a Happy Relationship with Yourself


By: Ana Margarita Olar| Vigorbuddy.com

You may find the title strange. There are many books and write-ups that teach you how to become a better partner, a great parent, or a more prolific boss; but you seldom think about your relationship with yourself.

Building a good relationship with yourself will improve the quality of relationship you build with other people.

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Take Good Care of Yourself

When was the last time you pamper yourself with a massage? When was the last time you visited a beauty salon to enjoy a makeover?

Sometimes, when you are loaded with responsibilities, you tend to forget that you also have a self to care for.

Get enough sleep. Chew your food. Make exercise and physical activity a priority. Breathe. Relax.

These are the things that you often said you don’t have time to do. But, these things are the bodily things you need to keep yourself healthy.

Once you neglected these needs, your body will start to feel the stress. You’ll end up sick and tired.

Remember, take care of your body; love yourself.

Do what makes you happy

It may sound a cliché. But, it is important. First, you need to know the things that make you happy. Second, you have to schedule these things. Early mornings walk, attending a yoga class, spending time alone, date with friends; whatever it is that makes you happy.

Give priority to activities that bring joy to you.

Review your “self-talk”

From time to time, we have an inner chatterbox that we continue to hear. This time, you need to review what this chatterbox is telling you.

If it is positive and loving, continue. But, if it keeps on inducing fear and anxiety, you need to refine it.

Your self-talk is very important because this is the steering wheel of your brain. The pattern you create from time to time can make or break your relationship with yourself and others.

Discipline your subconscious mind by guarding it against sabotaging talks.

Keep a healthy relationship with yourself by taking care of it inside and out.