Walk-In Tubs and Other Solutions For Safe Bathing

Walk-In Tubs and Other Solutions for Safe Bathing

Bathing is one of the most essential parts of any human being. Unfortunately, as we start to grow older or in case some kind of disability affects us, bathing becomes unnecessarily a challenge for us.

Also, we get to enjoy it less and less. There are challenges like that of accidents that may occur to the elderlies when they go to bath in a bath tub. Most of the time we use the Walk-in tubs as a solution.

What are these walk-in tubs?

These are specifically designed tubs for the elderlies and the people suffering from disabilities. One can renovate their normal bath tub into one of these because, these tubs allow you to walk-in.

All, you will have to do is open a door and walk-in the very tub. This will allow you to make sure that you are in fact nit having to jump the boundaries and in return slipping in the tub. Also, you will not have to submerge yourself by laying in it.

You will have the option of submerging in the tub even when you are sitting because these have in-built chairs. But there is a major challenge or constrain to the people with these.

And it is none other than the cost factor. Not all can afford these. At times these may cost you more than $10000. So, what are the various alternatives that you can look forward to? Well, let us help you with the same!

The various alternatives:

Following are the various alternatives that you can make the use of:

  • Tub Chairs:

These chairs will allow you to sit in the tub. These are usually placed over the tub. All you will have to do is get in the tub and sit on these to have your bath. These are absolutely affordable as an option.

But there is still a major challenge as you will have to step into the tub all by yourself. Also, will have to bring yourself out of that. Slipping in the tub still is a matter of concern here.

  • The tub transfer chairs:

These are definitely the best options available to you. The tub transfer bench is not only easy to sit on, but easy to set as well. Also, all you have to do is sit in the entire process of transferring yourself in and out of the tub.

This makes the risk factor almost disappear. Having a bath sitting down definitely works for you as well. This is one of the major reasons why this is one of the options that you can necessarily try. Believe us, it is very affordable as well.

  • Bath Chairlift:

If you want to enjoy the submerged bathing while sitting on a chair, then certainly, this is an opportunity that you must take. You can definitely lower your chair and elevate it with the help of a remote. But believe us, the risk of coming out and going in still stays.

These are the various options that you can look for in case, you think that bath tubs have become a risky affair for you.