How to Use Your Blender and Enjoy Juicing

Ana Margarita Olar |

Do you love the idea of juicing but buying a juicer is not on your budget? No Problem!

You can use your blender to enjoy the benefits of juicing. You can use the blender for soft fruits such as peaches, apricots, pear, grapes, organs, watermelon, papaya, and mangoes. You can also make juice smoothies from bananas and avocados.

When using a blender, you also have a choice as to how much fiber or pulp you would want to include on your drink. Here is some step by step procedure on how to enjoy juicing using a blender:


Prepare the things you need:

Purified water
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Cutting board
Drinking glass

  • Before juicing, wash your fruits and vegetables with plain tap water. Do not use detergents to wash your foods because it may leave a residue and put you at risk. See if your fruit needed to be peeled or cut before putting them in a blender.
  • You need to remove any cores, seeds, and pits from your fruits and vegetables. Before juicing, you need to cut it into smaller pieces. The smaller it is, the more easily it will be processed through the blender.
  • Pour about a half cup of water into the blender and add your sliced fruits and vegetables. You need to add ½ cup of water for every 4 pieces of large fruits or for every 4 cups of smaller fruits.
  • Put the lid on the blender and start pulsing. Pulse for several seconds until the fruits are blended. Then adjust the setting to high and blend for several seconds. Do these until you achieve the desired consistency of your drink. Add more water if needed, and continue blending if necessary.
  • Use a strainer to separate the juice from the pulp. Or you can just drink it with the pulp. You can have much more benefits of juicing if you include the pulp because it contains the fiber. Fiber helps you cleanse your stomach and gut lining. It also curbs your appetite by making you feel fuller longer.

To reap the most benefits from juicing, you need to consume it immediately. Enzymes from fruits and vegetables lose its potency after exposure to light and air. If you want to juice vegetables with a strong taste, add lemon juice or a slice of pineapple to make it taste better.