Top 5 Exercise Programs for Morbidly Obese Women

Ana  Margarita Olar |

Obesity is a health condition which can lead to other health conditions. This includes hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Being obese also affects us psychologically, whether we accept it or not. Being “happy with our figure” doesn’t justify the disadvantages brought about by obesity.

So get up and try these exercise routine to combat obesity:


Being obese, your body carries too much weight. An exercise that involves jumping or running can cause damage to your knee ligaments. Begin your workout by walking. Start by walking for 2-5 minutes every day and then add an extra 2-3 minutes every week.

To avoid the risk of arthritis and injuries, walk at your own pace instead of brisk walking.


This is another low-impact exercise suitable for obese persons. The best option is a recumbent bike because it will ease pressure on your back and joints. Start with 3-5 minutes of peddling and little by little increase the time and intensity.

This workout will allow you to do another thing like listening to music or watching the TV. This way you’ll not get bored and time will pass by quickly.


Strength training burns fewer calories compared to cardio workouts. But it also offers weight loss and physical benefits. Because an obese person carries too much weight, they have an edge on strength training. This will benefit the muscles on hips, knees and ankles, which they use to carry their weight.

Strength training also improves bone density. This will help to prevent osteoporosis-another problem faced by women in their later years.


It involves doing postures derived from martial arts. And because it is done slowly, it is another best exercise options for obese persons. It can burn calories, improve posture and balance, and strengthen your muscles.


Because water reduces the gravitational workload of the body, it is very beneficial to obese persons. They can enjoy physical activities such as swimming, water walking, and water aerobics which are good for muscles, bones and lung health.



Because obesity is a serious health condition, you should consult a physician before engaging in any routine.  Be sure that you do not overwork. Remember, you are aiming for health and not for further injury.

For obese persons, the American College of Sports Medicine recommends 150 minutes of exercise per week. You don’t have to push through it right away.

You didn’t gain weight overnight. So you don’t have to lose it overnight either.