The Top 5 Advantages of Air Purifiers

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The air we breathe determines our quality of life. The modern-day lifestyle is laden with air pollution, which makes each one of us inhale the impure air. From irritating the respiratory system to other health issues, air pollution gets known for all the adverse side effects. Today, there’s an increased amount of air pollution inside your home and office premises, as compared to the outside. According to the latest study, it got discovered that 52 houses in Arizona contained 586 airborne substances. And that results in the side effects which impact life negatively.

One of the principal reasons, for which the air gets polluted inside office buildings and home premises, is that buildings require adequate ventilation, and there’s a lack of it. Those places that have zero to negligible ventilation can trap pollutants such as dust and others, which usually get found in homes.

The health advantages of air purifiers

From minimizing allergy and asthma triggers to averting the contamination of dangerous substances, today an air purifier can be of help both for the residential and commercial environments that comprise of business houses, corporate buildings, hospitals, schools, shopping malls, galleries and many more. Are you still in two minds about air-purifiers? Are you unsure whether you should invest in one? If yes, then the following advantages of air-purifiers will help you make a final decision, based on relevant facts and benefits.

  1. Air purifiers can eliminate the asthma attack triggers

Today, most people are at a higher health risk being within their house because of the increased amount of asthma triggers. These triggers can comprise of dry skin cells, air-freshening sprays, household cleaners, dust, dirt, carbon monoxide, and the smoke from cooking, perfumes, paint products, and many more. Additionally, there are also cockroaches and mould spores inside the work environment, and both trigger an asthma attack. Even the brand-new carpets can result in threats of carrying airborne particles, as they release the fumes. Hence, you need an advanced air purifier that removes mould spores. When the pollutants are present in the air, you will inhale it, and that itself will keep causing asthma and other ailment symptoms.

  1. The air purifiers can do away with dust, pet odour, and other allergens

The moment you inhale pet odour, pollen, or dirt, your body will respond and produce an allergy antibody, named IgE. And the allergic reactions arise from this response. Advanced air purifiers, can minimize the pet odour, which in turn reduces the scopes of allergies. These machines typically produce ozone, that is an allergy irritant. There are modern-day air purifiers that eliminate allergens such as dust mites, smoke, dander, pollen within the residences and offices as well.

  1. The latest air purifiers can trap cigarette and tobacco smoke and stops lung ailments

When you inhale tobacco smoke, it can contribute to increasing chronic obstructive pulmonary illnesses along with serious heart issues. The other negative impacts of cigarette or tobacco smoke are that it results in bronchitis, asthma, ear infections, and pneumonia.

Additionally, the second-hand smoke is also equally harming both for adults and especially children. It is because their body system and lungs are in a developing stage, and respiratory rates are more as compared to an adult. It is interesting to note that, older adults and senior citizens also have an increased risk of contracting dementia, when they stay exposed to second-hand smoke. Hence, it is essential to curb this by opting in for an advanced air-purifier for your home.

  1. Advanced air purifiers can eliminate the external pollutants and fumes present in the urban environments

Recent studies and research indicate that allergic ailments are more common in the urban than the rural areas. The apparent reason because urban areas have less greenery and more pollution from cars, industry smokes, and other pollution sources that contribute to the growth of allergic ailments. The rates of asthma and allergy in an urban region and highways are more as compared to a rural landscape.

The reason is that the pollutants close to these places comprise of nitrogen dioxide, ozone, and sulphur dioxide. Additionally, there are also diesel exhaust particles, which can aggravate asthma and allergies. Hence, people who already have asthma and are vulnerable to allergies need to take extra caution. The ideal way to resolve this is by having to improve the ventilation condition of a house. It can combat air pollution both outside and inside the house. And air purifiers are the best choice for that.

The bottom line is this – Today, air pollution can stay present in houses based on the place you reside, and it can cause damage to your respiratory tract. The ones who live in or are close to cities will get affected by air pollution more than the one who resides in rural areas, or towards the countryside. 

  1. Air purifiers can eliminate dangerous insects like mosquitoes and helps people to stay away from malaria infections and others

The air purifiers can result in removing hard-to-detect and hazardous insects, which can pass its germs and result in skin and other diseases. It can reduce the requirement for sprays, which is perfect for killing the mosquitoes that can result in malaria or dengue.

When people make use of potent and toxic insecticides, there’s no guarantee that every insect will get eliminated. For instance, mosquitoes don’t die because of potent toxins and are accountable for an unhealthy living ambience inside the house and in other commercial spaces as well. There can be termites as well, which can result in a shabby and unhealthy living space. The advanced air purifiers are a saviour. It can help to reduce all the insecticides, bugs, and other particles that lead to harmful and adverse side effects.

When you breathe in the fresh air, you improve your life quality in many ways! It also helps you to elevate your mood and your life quality. If you stay in a city or urban area, pollution and airborne particles are something that you have to deal with regularly. You should take adequate care to eliminate it. And the modern-day air-purifiers can help you do that. Make sure you buy one from a reputed brand.

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