Top 4 Dietary Supplements Bikers Should Try to Avoid


By: Ana Margarita Olar|

Fitness enthusiasts like bikers are concerned of what they eat. Some think that taking dietary supplements is a way to ensure that you’ll have all the vitamins and minerals that you need.

But according to research there are some dietary supplements that could cause damage than benefits if not used properly:


Although calcium supplements may sound like a good advice for fitness enthusiast to strengthen their bones, this dietary supplement can actually pose a threat. Studies show evidence that taking calcium supplements can increase the risk of having heart diseases and stroke.

Researchers suggest that the mineral may have been absorbed in the arterial walls instead of the bones.  Additionally, when combined with dehydration and lack of exercise, calcium deposits may clump into the kidneys forming kidney stones.

So instead of supplements, satisfy your calcium needs by consuming dairy products like milk, yogurt, and cheese, as well as from anchovies and canned salmon.


These vitamins are considered as antioxidants because they fight free radicals but there lies the problem.

When you exercise, your body produces cell-damaging free radicals and your body has the ability to produce its natural antioxidant to get rid of these free radicals.

When this process is repeated consistently, you develop endurance performance as a biker.

So if you take antioxidants as dietary supplements, these free radical fighters may actually impede your endurance rather than benefit your body.


Studies show that many athletes have vitamin D deficiency and this knowledge may persuade you to take this dietary supplement.

But if you are a biker, you are exposed to the sun which allows your body to synthesize 400 IU of natural vitamin D from dairy and fatty fish. Vitamin D is essential for optimum muscle function and recovery and for strong bones.

Also, a study from the journal Nutrients last 2013 reported that athletes taking high levels of Vitamin D experienced more muscle damage following a hardcore exercise.

Dietary Supplements


These dietary supplements were once thought to provide protection to smokers but one study proves the opposite. On a study that involves 47,000 smokers taking beta-carotene supplements that are supposed to protect them from harmful effects of smoking, the participants developed cancer and heart disease so the supplementation had to be stopped.

These participants were also found to be still at higher risk of having cancer 10 years after they stopped taking the supplements. Beta-carotene from natural food sources such as bright orange colored fruits and vegetables are still the safest way to obtain its beneficial effects.

Eating nutrient packed foods is still the best way to obtain your daily dose of vitamins and minerals and keep you on the top of your game.