Tips to Keep Your Hair Shiny and Straight After Rebonding


By: Ana Margarita A. Olar| | Tips to Keep Your Hair Shiny and Straight After Rebonding |Hair rebonding is a popular method to fix unmanageable hair. However, not all girls know how to take care of a rebonded hair; making the hair drier and more damaged than before.

Here are the tips to keep the hair shiny and straight after hair rebonding:

Choose a trusted hair care salon

If you’re still planning to get your hair rebonded; make sure that you’ll choose a salon that has a good reputation. The price doesn’t matter, especially if you ware wanting to have those ark unlock hairstyles.

As a tip, ask your friends for referrals. Take a look at their hair and make it a benchmark so that you can choose what salon to go to.

Sometimes there are stylists who rush the process. No matter how expensive their service can be, the result may not be that good after. So make sure that you ask the name of the salon and the stylist too.

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Check your hair’s texture

Not all hair is with the same texture. Some hair is brittle; chemicals from hair rebonding can make it more brittle. There are stylists who will test a portion of your hair first and recommend hair treatment alternative if hair rebonding is not good for your hair.

Let the stylist wash your hair after three days

Hair rebonding can make your hair look gorgeous after the treatment. But, you’ll see the real result after you wash it. There are salons that will make you come back after three days to wash your hair. There are those who don’t. So, it is better to ask the stylist if you can come back for a hair wash service after three days.

This is to make sure that you can easily ask them just in case the hair looks damaged after hair rebonding. Have a nice haircut that will fit a rebonded hair.

You can also ask for additional protective treatment after hair rebonding like cellophane or hair spa service.

Don’t overdo with conditioner

I say wash your hair with shampoo. Too much conditioner can make your hair sticky because it doesn’t wash excess oils and dirt.

It is important to always wash your hair with mild shampoo and conditioner. Wash it thoroughly.

Haircut and Hair Spa

Your hair after rebonding is prone to split ends and dryness. So, make sure that you’ll have once a month haircut to prevent split ends.

You can buy your own hair spa and keratin treatment. Do it twice a month to keep the rebonded hair shiny. You can also use a leave-on conditioner for more protection.

Also, avoid soaking your hair in saltwater or a swimming pool with too much chlorine.

Taking care of your hair after rebonding requires you to be fastidious, but, the result is worth it.