BODY BUZZ: Tips to Stay Healthy During the “Ber” Months

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Christmas day countdowns in shopping malls. Jose Mari Chan memes all over social media. We have officially entered the Holiday season. Along with all the parties and get-togethers comes the perennial struggle of each and every one of us –how to not gain weight during Christmas. We all dread those extra pounds that never seem to come off long after the holidays are over. Luckily, it doesn’t always have to be such a chore. Here are some practical tips you can incorporate throughout your days to avoid overeating this holiday season:

1. Stay hydrated
Water tricks our stomachs into thinking and feeling that it is full. On the other hand, dehydration can also make us feel hungry, when all we need is some good ol’ quality H2O. So, whenever you feel hunger pangs or cravings throughout the day, reach out for a glass of water first before grabbing that bag of chips or candy. That way, you can save some of that stomach space for the good stuff at that Christmas party you’re scheduled to attend in the evening.

2. Walk it off
Take that flight of stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to that nearby restaurant instead of having food delivered. 10,000 steps a day is a good place to start. It is practically equivalent to an eight kilometer walk, or the daily recommended 30-minute cardio a person needs to stay healthy. A good way to monitor your daily steps is to invest in a good pedometer. You can purchase these online and pay with your EON account. It’s not only fast and easy, its security features make online shopping a delightful and worry-free experience! With the EON app, lock and unlock your card at your own convenience to avoid unauthorized use, change your CVV to stop fraudulent transactions in case your information has already been stolen, and manually select your trusted webstores to block any credit card phishing attempts. Download the EON Bank PH app to try it now or visit to learn more.

3. Monitor what you eat
The Christmas season is a marathon,not a sprint, and food is an inevitable part of it. Thus, preparation and mindfulness is the key. Get to know which food options are good or bad for you. Hold off on the carbs, grease,and sugar. Avoid overindulging too much on heavy, calorie-dense foods,while loading up on fresh and lighter options. But remember, don’t deprive yourself of the best that the season has to offer. So don’t be afraid to put that serving of lechon and sarsa on your plate, just make sure to keep your servings in control. Happy eating!

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