Tips on Setting a Meal Plan

meal plan

A meal plan keeps you fit on a right diet and it keeps you on track with your budget. If it’s your first time to plan your meals, don’t get intimidated with this. Know what your body needs. Do you regularly work out or not? Your meal plan should fit your lifestyle. Sure you should eat 3 times a day, but don’t forget you need to eat healthy snacks. Make a budget, maybe your grocery should be for 2 weeks or every week.

To get started with setting your daily meal plan, here are some tips:

Energetic” Breakfast Plan

1. Prepare your breakfast the night before

Don’t cook it yet of course. We want your breakfast freshly cooked. Plan what you want to eat when you wake up. It’s something you should look forward to and not skip it.

2. Eat breakfast packed with protein

Make your own sandwich full with all nutrients you need. Slice deli meat, cheese, cucumber. Or make an omelet with tofu, and chopped veggies.

3. Breakfast = wheat

Whole grains are a good source of fiber. This helps with digestion.

Revitalizing” Lunch Break

1. Make time for a good lunch

Even you’re too busy at work, a lot a few minutes to chew your food properly and it should not be in front of your laptop.

2. Pack your lunch

Go old school, bring your own baon at work. What you need? Still, meat, rice, vegetables. Eat what you think that will make you feel better for a short break. But of course, don’t go overboard with fast food.

3. Cold lunches

Plan packed lunches that is still delicious and delightful to eat even if it is cold. No microwave or toaster? No problem, stock up on salads inside a mason jar, or make easy sandwiches with complete nutrients.

Dinner “Slow down”

1. Eat early dinner

Best dinner time? Before 6pm. In that way, your digestive system has still have time to process the food you ate throughout the day before sleeping.

2. Plan a light dinner

If you can’t eat early dinner, well don’t eat heavy meals. Stay away from a lot of protein, red meats and other foods that is slow to digest. What about fruits, a few toasts and a hot tea in the evening?

3. Leftover for dinner

If you still have a few viands that you weren’t able to finish at lunch breakfast, cook it in a different way for dinner. Than just reheating, try shredding your chicken from lunch to pieces and mix it with pasta.