A Few Things You Need to Go For A Happier 2017

happier 2017

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Now that it’s already 2017, we have time to reflect on how we want our year to start. 2016 may have been rough for you but always remember that another year means another chance to live a better life. 2017 is the time to move on from everything that is keeping you from being the best version of yourself. To start your year right, here are some of the things you can let go for a happier 2017.

  • Negative vibes. Start your year with getting rid of all the negativity around you. Claim all the positivity you can claim. Always remember that the universe is a mirror. Whatever you decide to show universe will reflect to you.
  • Toxic people. Whether they are friends, family, a part of your past, your ex, the chismosas around the corner, your coworkers, your classmates, and who ever brings you down and keeps you there should not be in your life. They may good people… but not good for you.
  • Regrets. The chances that we didn’t take and the choices that we didn’t make turns into our regrets. It is true that in one point of our life, we would question every “what ifs” and “should haves” our life has. But that is not the point here. What you should always remember is that you did not take those chances because of a reason. Remember the reason and not the regrets.
  • Little grudges. Let go of the anger with whoever it is. Planting grudges on others will not make you better but just bitter. We don’t want that.
  • Your loud life. If you have lived through phone constantly ringing, social media notification blaring on your computer, music turned up, and a lot of clicking, it is time for you to stop and think if you want to continue living a life like that. You deserve peace and quiet. Let your body have it.
  • Body hatred. One of the few things you should be loving your bod. Stop telling yourself you are ugly because you are not. It is time to embrace your flaws and be proud to who you are.
  • Pleasing everybody else. …when you should be pleasing yourself. Stop focusing on what others would want and start focusing on your happiness. At the end of the day, you have you to decide which makes you happy or not.
  • Depending your happiness to others. This is what I was telling you about. Never ever EVER put your happiness on the hands of others. Your happiness should be YOURS and yours alone.
  • Pride. Pride can be good in some context but not in everything. However, it can also ruin you personally and professionally if not handled properly. Before pride blinds you from your mistakes, let it go and not let your happiness erode it.
  • Unhealthy eating. Eating can be one of the most wonderful things you will do. But honestly speaking, we are not getting any younger so taking care of our body should be a priority. Start having a healthy lifestyle by getting enough sleep and eating more veggies. Trust me, you will need it.
  • Fear of failure. Just because you failed does not mean you are not worth it. It just tells you that you are brave enough to give it a shot. Failing may be scary but you should always take note that failure is just another opportunity to grow as a person.
  • Those excuses. Just because it’s hard or scary or out of your comfort zone, does not mean you cannot do it. Stop limiting yourself with your own self-generated excuses. The only person stopping you from reaching your goals is yourself.
  • Controlling everything. There are two things we can control: emotions and reactions. Some things are just meant to be. Once you accepted the fact that these two are the only things you can control, then you can find happiness and your year will turn out better.
  • Gossip. Aside from it being rude, it is actually a low act to gossip about someone especially if they have not done wrong to you. It is annoyingly immature as well.
  • That heartbreak. You had your heart broken? Yes, that is part of life. But that doesn’t mean your life should stop there. Getting over a broken heart maybe one of the most difficult thing ever and it will actually scar you. Get up, fix yourself, and learn from it.

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