The Different Types of Back Pain: An Informative Guide

The Different Types of Back Pain: An Informative Guide

The Different Types of Back Pain: An Informative Guide | Nearly 16 million adults experience chronic back pain. 

Maybe you are one of these adults and you are looking to find out what kind of back pain you are experiencing. 

The good news is, we have a comprehensive guide to walk you through it. Read on to find out what your back pain could be and how to live with it.

Nerve Damage

Nerve pain is called sciatica. This is pain that radiates through the sciatica nerve. This can not only affect your back, but radiate through your lower back, down to your hips, and your legs. It can be a very crippling condition. 

This can be caused by a herniated disk or bone spur that worsens over time. The herniated disk or bone spur causes pressure around the nerves which results in this pain. 


Strain can be a common cause of chronic or temporary back pain.

Strain is normally caused by the stretching or tearing of ligaments or muscles. Activities that could potentially cause ligament damage are:

  • Heavy lifting
  • Improper lifting
  • Physical activity
  • Abrupt movements
  • Falling
  • Constant bending and crouching

It is important when you are doing any activities to position yourself well. This will avoid future back strain, although accidents do happen, and you may still experience it. 


80% of Americans at some point experience back pain related to poor posture. This can be easily fixed by sitting straight and watching your movements. 

Poor posture can result in strains if not fixed. Your posture may also cause loads on the spine and cause herniated discs. 

Your poor posture also affects your abdomen and core, weakening your muscles and cutting off the blood supply. In return, this can be not only detrimental to your back, but your health as a whole.

So, take the time to fix your posture. It will save you trouble in the long run.

Bone Pain

Bone pain can be a common cause of your back pain. Your pain may not stem from your ligaments or muscles, but specifically your bones.

Osteoporosis can cause a weakening of bones, causing them to become brittle and painful. This also can make them more susceptible to fractures and serious injuries. This is because the vertebrae are weakened and unable to hold your body properly.

Other conditions such as arthritis can also be the culprit of your bone pain. If this is a worry for you, you may want to see your doctor and determine if this is the cause.

How Can I Help My Back Pain?

Back pain can decrease your quality of life and make it harder to do daily activities. 

By stretching daily and watching your posture, you may be able to take care of your back pain at home. You can also rotate between icing and heating to help soothe the muscles in your back too. 

If home remedies fail, you can seek help from places like to help adjust your back and decrease pain.

Don’t let your back pain hinder you from enjoying life. Seek help and make changes to your lifestyle. 

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