The Common Causes of Back Pain: A Basic Guide

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The Common Causes of Back Pain: A Basic Guide | Back pain is a symptom of various medical problems, typically stemming from issues related to muscles, nerves, ligaments, and vertebrae in the lower back. It may also be caused by problems with organs close to the back such as the kidneys. A high percentage of people from industrialized countries will experience low back pain in their lifetime.

Back pain can impact a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks and activities that they enjoy, such as playing with their children or exercising. This can in turn lead to confidence and self-esteem issues.

In this blog post, we will highlight the common causes of back pain.

Pulled Muscle or Tendon

We often put the muscles and tendons in our back under pressure by lifting heavy boxes with incorrect form or slouching while we sit at our desks. A pulled muscle or ligament can result in spasms and tightness in our backs. As we have noted, back pain itself is not a disorder, but rather a symptom of a medical problem.

In order to prevent back pain, it is recommended that you carry less weight, focus on improving your posture, and work on strengthening the muscles in the abdomen.


Many forms of arthritis can result in back pain and swelling, particularly in the lower back. Arthritis is a very common condition that causes inflammation and pain in different joints and areas of the body.

Arthritis in the spine may also result in a narrowing of the space around the spinal cord and back pain can be a symptom of this condition.

Ruptured Disks

Also known as a herniated disk. It occurs when there is a tear to the spinal column that causes spinal disks to protrude outward, where they press on nearby spinal nerves.

A ruptured disk can result in severe lower back pain. The symptoms may heal on their own within a few weeks, while on other occasions an individual experiences chronic pain that requires surgery.

Other common causes of back pain can include:

  • Inflammation
  • Stress
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bacterial or fungal infection of the spine
  • Cancer in the spine

Back pain can be eased by visiting a chiropractor, an effective back pain treatment option. Going to a chiropractor is one of the most recommended options for people suffering from back pain. With proper treatment, you will be able to put your back pain in the past.

The Common Causes of Back Pain

The primary symptoms of back pain itself include an aching sensation in the lower back and the inability to stand upright without experiencing pain. Other symptoms include loss of range of motion and stabbing pain down through the leg.

If you are experiencing back pain, you may find that your quality of life has been reduced. Addressing the underlying condition is key to overcoming back pain.

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