The Causes of Hair Loss in Men: A Simple Guide

The Good Of Putting Out Your E-zine | The Causes of Hair Loss in Men: A Simple Guide | If you’re like most men, you care about how you look. And yet looking your best can be challenging. This is especially true when it comes to hair care.

After all, it’s never a pleasant experience when you notice your hair starting to fall out. For some men, this process happens faster than for others.

It’s important to understand the common causes of hair loss in men. Fortunately, this article provides the answers you’ve been looking for.

Here we take a closer look at hair loss symptoms and why some men lose their hair while others don’t. Keep reading to learn more.

Poor Hair Care Habits

Believe it or not, you could begin to lose your hair simply because of the way you treat it. For example, wearing your hair in cornrows or pigtails can damage it. Wearing a hat can also be a problem, as well as bleaching your hair or using hot oil treatments.

Because of this, it’s wise to leave your hair alone as much as possible. Skip the pigtails, leave your hat at home, and gently wash it several times a week. After all, the more you abuse it, the weaker it gets, which means it might fall out sooner than expected.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress is never your friend. Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are a natural part of life. They can also cause premature hair loss.

That’s why you should learn to deal with the stress of everyday life in the healthiest ways possible. This includes eating the right foods and learning to meditate. After all, stress and anxiety won’t just make your hair fall out, they can also shorten your life.

Take some time to smell the roses, keep things in perspective, and get plenty of exercise.


Basic lifestyle choices can also negatively impact the health of your hair.

For example, dramatic weight gain and weight loss can create vitamin deficiencies that are related to male pattern baldness.

Keep in mind that it’s important to maintain a healthy diet, complete with all the necessary vitamins and nutrients necessary for optimal health, a healthy scalp, and strong, healthy hair.

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Hereditary Traits

Heredity is another significant factor in hair loss. When it comes to hair loss prevention, your family bloodline can be one of the biggest challenges to overcome.

Medical Conditions

Many men suffer from specific medical conditions that cause hair loss symptoms. These include conditions like telogen effluvium and alopecia areata. Both of these conditions are common and must be treated by strengthening your immune system and receiving hair loss treatment from a professional that specializes in hair loss prevention.

A Guide to the Causes of Hair Loss in Men

Have you recently noticed evidence that you might be balding? If so, this guide to the causes of hair loss in men will help you understand the problem so that you can find a solution.

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