Techniques To Get Rid of Loose and Sagging Arms

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Loose and sagging arms? If your upper arms have lost their firmness and are sagging, it can be really frustrating. It’s a common problem that affects both men and women. It can be brought on with aging, changes in your weight, or could be due to heredity. Diet and exercise will not resolve the problem. If you are struggling with unwanted fat and excess skin in your arms, an arm lift may be the answer for you.

Understanding an Arm Lift

An arm lift, also known as brachioplasty, is a surgical procedure performed by a plastic surgeon in order to reshape your upper arms. By eliminating the deposits of resistant fat in your arms, trimming away skin that is hanging down, and reshaping the tissue that lies beneath the surface of the skin, it will be possible for you to have firm arms that have a more appealing shape.

Is Excision or Liposuction the Best Approach for Fat Removal?

When your plastic surgeon performs your arm lift, the procedure is going to be tailored to personally fit your needs. It is not a one-size-fits all type of procedure. As your surgeon focuses on sculpting your arm to have a more appealing shape, it will be necessary to determine the best method to eliminate bothersome fat. Fat can be removed through excision, in which it is cut out of your arm, or liposuction may be possible.

When to Choose Excision for Fat Removal During an Arm Lift

Your plastic surgeon will closely assess your arms prior to your arm lift surgery. In some cases, fat may be found in localized areas in your arm. In this instance, your surgeon may be able to use excision to cut away any isolated pockets of fat with a scalpel. Once the fat is removed, your surgeon will be able to concentrate on the other steps of the procedure.

When to Choose Liposuction for Fat Removal During an Arm Lift

If fat is the main cause of your drooping arms and you do not have too much excess skin hanging down, liposuction may be the best way to achieve fat removal. A small incision is made in your arm to allow for the insertion of a hollow tube. This tube, called a cannula, is thin and narrow. It will loosen up the fat once it is inserted into your arm. As the fat is dislodged it will be suctioned out of the tube. Your incision for the cannula will be closed. This may be adequate for reshaping your arms if skin is not causing a problem. You’ll notice that your arms look thinner and more toned once the fat has been eliminated.

What Can You Expect During an Arm Lift?

While it is an outpatient procedure, an arm lift can take up to three hours while you are having both arms treated. You can expect general anesthesia while your surgery is underway. The most common type of incision used during this procedure runs from the armpit to the elbow on the inside of the arm to make your scar as discreet as possible. Your surgeon will remove excess skin if it is necessary. Fat removal will be a priority, whether it is removed by an excision or liposuction. Your surgeon will also tighten the tissues that run beneath the skin and fat in order to enhance the final contours of your arm when your procedure is over. Once all excess fat and skin has been removed, the incision will be closed.

rid-of-Loose-Sagging-ArmsWhat Can You Expect After an Arm Lift?

Once you are sent to recovery, you may have drains placed in your arms to remove excess fluid. This will help to reduce swelling as well. These drains may be removed as soon as one day after your procedure or may be in place for up to five days. It will depend on your situation. Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication to make your more comfortable in the initial stages of healing. You will be prescribed an antibiotic as well in order to ward off infection. Plan on taking one to two weeks off before returning to work. If your job requires heavy lifting, you may need more time or a request to do light duties until you are fully recovered. It will take up to six weeks before you can get back to your regular exercise routine.

Is an Arm Lift Right for You?

An arm lift may be recommended if you are at your goal weight or within close range of it. If you are dealing with excess fat and drooping skin brought on by weight loss or aging, you could be a good candidate to have this procedure. An arm lift is not the answer if you are obese. You will need to get your weight under control before considering a body contouring procedure. You may not be able to have arm lift surgery if you have an underlying health condition that could put you at risk, such as diabetes, trouble with blood clots, or a serious heart condition. If you are pregnant, you will need to wait until after you have had your baby before any type of surgical intervention to sculpt your arms will be considered. Remember that your body will change once you have had your baby. You may not feel that an arm lift is necessary at that point.


If loose, sagging arms have been bringing you down, turn to Dr. Joseph Rucker for a consultation. With over thirty years in practice, you can expect a level of expertise that will give you peace of mind about your procedure. Sit down to talk with Dr. Rucker about how an arm lift could improve your body image. Learn more about the practice, your options, and a procedure that can change your life.