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Are you at risk of indoor pollution?

Mitzi Ilagan | Vigorbuddy As fast-growing countries continue to prosper and keep up with the rapid growth of technology, pollution also continues to rise as the...
How Sweet is Stevia - Vigorbuddy

How Sweet is Stevia?

Vigorbuddy | How Sweet is Stevia? | Stevia is a leafy green plant native to the Amambay region in the northeast of Paraguay, but...

Asthma: It’s in your Home

Mitzi Ilagan | Vigorbuddy.com Which do you think is cleaner, the air you breathe outside your home or the one inside? I guess you think that the...

Galbanum in medicine

by Sudhir Ahluwalia | Vigor Buddy | Galbanum is mentioned in the medicinal works of Hippocrates and Pliny the Elder. Galbanum was one of at least 36...

TMC Patient Partners Share Their Story to Raise Awareness about Neurological Conditions

via The Medical City | Maria Epiphania Dequina had the following symptoms --seizures, poor memory, loss of bladder control and changes in cognitive abilities. When the...