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The Medical City Women’s Health Care Center is Now Open on Sundays

via The Medical City | The Medical City Women's Health Care Center (WHCC) is now open seven days a week! WHCC Sunday schedule is from...
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Be Prepared for Acute Glaucoma Attack!

Vigorbuddy.com Have you experienced having haloes, blurred vision when you were in a movie theater? Then you might have just been attacked by acute glaucoma! Acute glaucoma...

What are the Benefits of Using MCT Oil?

Many cuisines around the world, particularly from countries in the Southeast Asia and other tropical regions, feature traditional dishes made of coconut products. Coconut...

Coffee and Bone: How does Caffeine Affect Bone Density

By: Ana Margarita Olar | Vigorbuddy.com Coffee has been known to stimulate the nervous system, increase energy levels, prevent certain diseases and has antioxidant properties. But...

Be in shape the FitFast way

By: Mitzi Ilagan | Vigorbuddy.com Gym and working out selfies has become a trend in social media platforms today. Fitness buffs and fad-driven individuals enrol...