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How Sweet is Stevia - Vigorbuddy

How Sweet is Stevia?

Vigorbuddy | How Sweet is Stevia? | Stevia is a leafy green plant native to the Amambay region in the northeast of Paraguay, but...

6 Signs of Depression

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy Depression is a silent disorder. It is not a simple “I am sad” feeling but is the feeling of extreme sadness...
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5 Reasons Why Hiking Should Be One of Your Hobbies

Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ed. D. | VigorBuddy Hiking is one of the most popular hobbies by men and women of all ages - young...

What to Do When Your Child Has Flu

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy When your child wakes up sneezing, coughing, and having that achy, feverish feeling, chances are, your child has flu. Knowing the difference...

Naturally Fade Acne Marks Using Homemade Masks

Maria Suzanne Plana | Vigorbuddy.com   The breakouts have stopped but those nasty acne marks just won’t go away. Acne treatment products are often times hard on...