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Best Ways to Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy I often hear my grandmother say that in order for us to be healthy and increase our chances of naturally fighting various...
root canal

What Is Root Canal Disease And How Can You Identify The Symptoms?

Are you experiencing severe toothache or sensitivity? If you run your tongue around your teeth, do you notice anything unusual - for example, a...

Styrax Officinalis- Stacte of the Bible

by Sudhir Ahluwalia | VigorBuddy.com | Styrax inhabits eastern Mediterranean countries across Italy, Turkey, and Israel. A styrax variety also grows in California in the United States. In...

7 Reasons Why You Should Love Calamansi

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy One of the few fruits that Filipinos could not miss in their everyday life is this green, asim-kilig fruit we always...
tricks and tips healthy way

5 Tips and Tricks for Consuming Your Food in a Healthy Way

With all the tasks you have to finish every day, the easiest thing to do is to get your meal from a fast-food stand...