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Migraine is not a Headache

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy Most of the time, we get confused on the difference of a migraine from a headache. People, who experience migraines immediately...

Wanting to Lose Weight, Try Power Walking.

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy One good form of exercise that can contribute to weight loss is walking. It is a simple and natural way of...

Life Post Diabetes: 7 Tips for Super Easy Life

Sam Zaman, Vigor Buddy |  Nearly 8.8 percent of the entire world population suffered from diabetes in 2017, Statista reported. By the year 2045, the...
Improve Your Concentration

5 Smart Ways to Improve Your Concentration

When the day is too short for everything you have to do and you’re distracted by things like outside noise, your colleagues’ loud laughter...

5 Eating habits for better skin

Maria Suzanne Plana | Vigorbuddy.com Sometimes, what we put on our skin is not enough to take care of it. If you are still experiencing...