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8 Fruits You Should Include in your Diet

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy Aside from the variety of colors, flavors, and texture that fruits bring to your everyday meals and snacks, it is also...
Hey Sugar

All Natural Waxing Salon Opens in SM Calamba

Living in the tropics can be a bit unpredictable because the weather's unpredictable, too. Today, there's sun and fun, later, you'll be getting rain and...
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HIV Positive Poster Tour de Pilipinas

Makati City - A drop of HIV-positive blood. Would you step back and move away from it? The HIV epidemic in the Philippines has been described...
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Understanding Bariatric Surgery Solutions – Fight Obesity

Have you considered the option of a bariatric procedure for yourself or a loved one? The different surgeries available have helped thousands of people...

The Medical City Women’s Health Care Center is Now Open on Sundays

via The Medical City | The Medical City Women's Health Care Center (WHCC) is now open seven days a week! WHCC Sunday schedule is from...