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What are the Benefits of Using MCT Oil?

Many cuisines around the world, particularly from countries in the Southeast Asia and other tropical regions, feature traditional dishes made of coconut products. Coconut...
cell-based-therapy, stem-cell-therapy. stem-cell-therapy-in-manila

Cell-based therapy: beating sports injuries and arthritis in a regenerative way

Summer is a great time to exercise or play your favorite sports. Sports enthusiasts and athletes put their bodies on the line all in...
Breast cancer Awareness - Vigorbuddy

What Breast Cancer Awareness Can To You and To Others? – Beautypreneur Ph

Month-long observances about human conditions are perhaps too many to remember or too common to get attention. Nevertheless, participating in an event such as...

6 Tips for Turning any Vacation into a Wellness Retreat

Finally, it's time for vacation. You are packing your favorite workout clothes and getting ready to have the ultimate wellness experience. To help you...

Integrity Matters in Long Term Relationships Part 2

Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy Continued from Part 1 All the dreams and aspirations that you have with this person is suddenly in a quicksand. Promises are fulfilled...