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5 Vitamins That Will Give You the Healthiest Skin Ever

Kathy Mitchell, Vigor Buddy | You may have heard much noise about the power of minerals and vitamins that will help your skin have a...
Mama Sita's

Mama Sita’s Joins Recently Held Philippine Harvest Event

Mama Sita's recently joined Philippine Harvest, a 3-day food and travel fair organized by the Department of Tourism last August 24-26, 2018. Along with more...

10 Easy and Effective Exercises for Senior Citizens

Ozzias T. Villaver, Jr., Ed. D. | VigorBuddy Old age is inevitable. Whether we like it or not, there is a certain point of significant...

Overview of Galbanum

by Sudhir Ahluwalia | Vigor Buddy | Ferula galbaniflua syn F gummosa is found in Iran, southern Russia, Afghanistan, and Turkey. It is a perennial that grows to...

Stevia – The Healthy Sugar for Diabetes

Vigorbuddy | Stevia – The Healthy Sugar for Diabetes | Diabetes is more common in the Philippines than you might think. Data from the...