Study Proves that Exercise Can Improve Memory


Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy

If you’re a gym fanatic, chances are it’s not only your muscles that get the biggest benefit out of the routine exercises that you’re doing.  According to a new study, a four hour exercise routine can improve memory.

Scientist discovered that 4-hour routine can help people retaining information better and increase brain patterns associated with memory. This was proved after they were given a series of memory tasks after the routine.

In a picture location memory experiment that they conducted, 72 people were asked to participate for about 40 minutes. After the experiment, the participants were randomly requested to exercise, or to not do anything at all.

After two days, the researchers tested the participants to see how well they can recall what they have learned.

Participants, who exercised hours after the picture location memory tasks, remembered more information compared to those who didn’t.

This new study increases the evidence of the impact of regular exercise to brain health.

People who are suffering from memory loss are encouraged to exercise more as a strategy for improved memory.

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