Say Goodbye to Your Plastic Clogs


Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Plastic clogs can be one of your best friends in PH. Aside from the fact that it is comfy, it can stand through sun and rain. And yes, plastic clogs here in PH have been loved by both kids and adults. But beware of your plastic clogs. And if you have still time, we suggest you pick them up and say goodbye.

A scientific study done in Germany showed that plastic clogs contain a lot of carcinogenic compounds. These compounds are seen as one of the reason for the emergence of some type of cancer. On this research, scientists tested ten pairs of plastic clogs from the best brands one could find in the market. The results shocked most of them when it showed that the clogs contained 60% of PAHs a.k.a aromatic polycyclic hydrocarbons.

PAHs are carcinogenic substances that causes extreme harm to the body. Human contact to PAHs may cause cell mutation.

The research also showed that the clogs with the highest amount of PAHs are black ones.

Research results also showed that 70% of the clogs contained solvents and heavy metals which can enter the body through skin contact. But do not fear! One can avoid these by wearing socks first.

Researchers have also discovered that Crocs do not contain PAHs but have four solvents which can cause allergies. Because of this, the research just become more interesting than it was before.