Is it Safe to Remove Moles at Home?

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Kathy Mitchell, Vigor Buddy | Moles seem to be a normal skin growth. You might experience more than one on different parts of the body. It could be sometimes 10 to 40 numbers of moles. Generally, you don’t need to bother about moles and no need to remove them.

So, now we have a question that when to worry about a mole? Well, below conditions would require your attention towards these bumpy moles such as;

  • If you don’t like the way it appears on your skin
  • If it’s itching
  • If it’s bleeding
  • If it’s irritating when rubs against clothes
  • If it’s keep changing in color and size

These conditions may be a sign of skin cancer and ignorance at this stage might worsen the situation.

If this is the case with you then mole removal is the only option which you should go for. But, what type of mole removal you should choose? Should you consult your dermatologist or try some home remedies?

Most people like to go with home remedies as they are convenient and cheap. There are many online portals providing remedies for moles and claiming them as safer ways to do it yourself at home.

Think twice and ask question yourself that, is it worth to take this risk? No, some of these claims and remedies are not proven and even dangerous. Thus, it would be a wise idea to take an expert advice before trying any home remedies.

Below are some remedies that you should never try when it comes to remove a mole such as;

  • Never burn the mole with apple cider vinegar
  • Never tap garlic to the mole with an aim to break it down inside
  • Don’t apply Iodine to kill the cells
  • Never use scissors or a razor blade to cut off the moles

Many pharmacies and online store are selling mole removal creams and oils like; Wart And Mole Vanish, Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover, King Bio Mole Remover, Skinprov Mole And Skin Tag Corrector, etc.

To use these products you need to scrap off the top part of the mole and then apply or rub the cream or oil into the mole. Within a day of the application, a scab will form. When the scab will falls off, the mole will disappear with it too.

Better Alternative

If you are self-conscious and thinking to conceal your mole then covering it with makeup would be the safer way instead of trying dangerous home tricks.

Dangers of Home Mole Removal Methods

Home remedies for moles sounds cheaper and easy to perform but it may invite some unwanted situations.

Even, few studies claim that mole removal creams available in drugstores are also not safe to use. Such creams can cause thick scars in the area of the mole.

Removing moles using sharp objects carries risks of infection, scars and this is very painful as well. Say no to tools which are not properly sanitized.

The most danger situation in trying home tricks is that you can’t tell that the mole is a cancerous. Yes, it could be Melanoma. If you try to remove it using home remedies without ensuring the type of mole with your dermatologist then it could spread in your entire body and can become life-threatening too.

When to See your Dermatologist?

If your mole keep changing in size and color then it is advisable to consult the expert skin doctor. An expert will analyze the type of mole by doing biopsy to make sure that your mole is cancerous or not.

If it is not cancerous then dermatologist will suggest these two techniques to remove the mole; surgical excision & surgical shave.

The Final Verdict

If your mole doesn’t bother you and not changing then it is better to leave it as it is. If it is affecting the way you look or start disturbing you by causing pain then it is time to visit your dermatologist to remove it safely.