Ride through the winding road

solo indonesia

VigorBuddy.com | Ride through the winding road | You feel the vibe and see remnants of ancient culture and architecture when you walk through the streets of Solo. The city has been the epicenter of authority for centuries. The Mataram court was shifted to Kota Gede in 1745; this city is emerging as a cultural center. The intricately handcrafted batik, the dancing, fascinating puppetry show, and the elegance of traditional Solonese dance show the culture’s opulence and depth. Now a day’s Solo is an integral part of central Java. Solo is densely populated inhabited by over 550,000 citizens. The ambiance, lifestyle is not like other metropolitans; it is more laid back, relaxed.

Cycle kickshaw is the most convenient transport to travel around the city. Though the town’s area is compact, the streets are crowded, noisy, and the pavements are narrow. Bicycle is another option if you are brave enough to sneak through the traffic, which you can hire from a tourist office. To feel the real vibe of the city takes a ride in a horse carriage. Cabs are there but challenging to find one when you need it.

Most hotels in Solo are located in the central quarter of the city, close to major tourist attractions and train stations. You will find many cafes, restaurants, and bars near hotels to quench your thirst and taste some delicious, delectable cuisines. The rooms are airy, clean, and tidy. The service rendered is professional, with grains of politeness. Toilets are clean, spacious fitted with adequate bathware and toiletries. From the small patio attached, you can get a sweeping view of the town. The rooms are tastefully decorated with a flat-screen television, refrigerator, and locked wardrobes and sometimes with a mini bar. You will have a pleasant stay at affordable tariffs.

A bit of shopping

Solo is famous for batik clothes; in Klewer market, you will find different batik varieties and quality. If you want to buy some authentic antique items like; stiletto, leather puppet, or other souvenirs, then Pasar Triwindu is a perfect place. This flea market is located in the city center. Purchase from reputed shops, else you may end up with fake products. The market is comparatively clean and neat, where you can spend an idle afternoon, strolling, and doing window shopping. It makes you feel you are walking through a large museum.  

Sukuh, Cetho 

Visit Sukuh, Cetho temples, which are located at the foothill of Mount Lawu, around a thousand meters above sea level. The ambiance is quiet, and the temperature is cool. The archeology of these temples resembles that of temples in Bali. Jumog/Sewu waterfall is very close to this place, visit there to soak your feet in the running water. Solo is a fantastic place to spend a few days rejuvenating your spirit. 

These two temples are just a few hours’ drives from the city, and the landscape suddenly changes into a quiet, tranquil countryside. Start your journey in the early morning, and retreat through the winding road passing through picturesque villages. As you progress, the paddy fields are replaced by tea plantations. You will enjoy the stay and the journey.