Pokemon Go Players Complain of Accidentally Getting Exercise


Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy

With all the talk around the Pokemon Go fad these days, players are now complaining. Their complaints are not about the game exactly, but about the effort that they do in trying to get Pokeballs, and running after Pokemons, with the gonna catch em all attitude. The frantic search for the little monsters do have a price, and I don’t mean in dollars nor even in pesos (as the game is not yet available here in the Philippines). The price they are paying, is ‘accidentally getting some exercise’.

Players are now complaining about muscle cramps and other sore body parts from playing the augmented reality game:

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While some Pokémon fans around the globe who spend hours playing the new “Pokémon GO” game that was just released on Android smartphones complaining, others are thankful that they are now enjoying the time of their lives with the side benefit of exercise. With the game currently out in the U.S.A, and Australia, it is requiring players to leave the comfort of their homes and go out to catch new Pokémon, get more Pokéballs, and use other features of the game like PokéStops and Gyms.

The Pokémon GO app works by using the GPS technology and the camera in your phone to create a virtual playing space that blends the world of Pokémon with reality, using real-life landmarks and places as key locations in gameplay.

With some now being obsessed with finding and catching Pokémon in Pokémon Go, the augmented reality app now becomes more than just an entertaining app—it’s helping gamers increase exercise.

Quite frankly, there are other video games that can be used for working out. Games like Dance Central, Zombies! Run, and activities on Wii Fit buck the stereotype of gaming from the couch or computer and provide entertainment and fitness in an engaging and encouraging way. Although these games are geared towards fitness fanatic gamers, who intentionally wants a workout, Pokémon Go might fall into a fitness category.

Exploring around around a map catching Pokémon requires a lot of energy, especially when the Pokémon are spaced few and far between. Players must walk around either their neighborhood or beyond to advance in the game, something many gamers aren’t used to.