Pogi 101: How to Become Pogi?

Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

You may be the headturner, perfect looking, dream guy every girl (and even some boys) are drooling over, but being pogi (handsome in English) is more than having a skinny face with a chiseled jaw line, or a body with strong muscles and real, hard abs. A real pogi will know that it takes more than the physical appearance to look and be pogi.

We have listed some of the traits a true, blue pogi has. Thank us later.

#1 A true pogi looks and smells good. This should not be on our list but it seems like a lot of guys forgets how women finds good smelling guys alluring. Keep yourself clean, showered, and groomed. Even if ladies today may enjoy the scruffy look, we still want to consider how they smell. Avoid having body odor by brushing your teeth and taking a bath. Make an effort to buy a decent deodorant and perfume that suits your body needs. And floss. We don’t want seeing your yesterday’s lunch stuck between your teeth.

#2 Every pogi is a gentleman. Even if others might find it corny and (sometimes) too cheesy, but all have to admit that chivalry is indeed gorgeous especially if you’re doing it because you want to do it. Helping someone carry their things, or opening a door and stepping aside to let them in first is an attractive sight indeed. How about letting that old or pregnant woman take your seat? That shows you respect people around you. Respect is valuable to women. Those small “gentlemanly” acts will make our hearts melt.

#3 They have proper attitude. Your actions and choice of words to use can show a lot about how you were brought up. A simple “please” when asking someone a favor or a “thank you” when they did something for you can make someone’s day better. Also, a man who swears all the time can turn us off too. Bro, you ain’t looking cool. Start minimizing your swear words usage.

#4 They socialize well. Guys who communicates well? PLUS 10! Good communication skills can go a long way. If you think that chocolates, flowers, candies, gifts, and other material things can only impress us, think again. Impress us with how you can carry a conversation, your choice of words, and proper gestures. A person who communicate well is a confident person. Who would not want that right?


#5 A pogi dreams big. They don’t settle for what they have right now. They chase their dreams, plans, and works hard for it. Women find determination attractive. It is comforting that the guy they will date has plans, and won’t stop at nothing to get there. His plans, and how he works for them, can assure us a bright future with them. Let’s be honest, girls. We want a comfortable, happy life.

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