New 3D virtual museum aims to educate Filipinos about current state of the environment amid climate change

New 3D virtual museum aims to educate Filipinos
Image source : | New 3D virtual museum aims to educate Filipinos about current state of the environment amid climate change | A new cutting-edge three-dimensional and simulated Virtual Museum is set to be launched through a collaboration between World Wide Fund for Nature-Philippines (WWF-Philippines) and Epson Philippines with the goal of increasing awareness on different issues faced by the environment. 

The virtual museum will provide a platform that allows users from all over the world to have an immersive experience of going to an actual museum in the comfort of their homes. 

“This virtual museum offers a three-dimensional immersive experience that will guide the people in learning and discovering how climate change affects various ecosystems,” WWF-Philippines Director for Marketing and Resource Generation Justine Cruz said sharing the objectives of the virtual museum in promoting an educational and discovery hub on the current state of the environment amid climate change.

“It aims to provide environmental awareness and help people reduce their impact on global warming as they actively track their energy consumption and carbon footprint through sustainable changes in lifestyle,” he added. 

In relation with Epson Philippines’ “Turn Down the Heat” campaign, the virtual museum will feature exhibits that will educate users on how they can help to reduce their impact on global warming by keeping track of their energy consumption and carbon footprint from their homes and workplaces.  

Epson Philippines Marketing Division General Manager Eduardo Bonoan imparted the educational features offered by the virtual museum that will contribute to the environmental awareness of the youth, the academe, and the general public. 

“Visitors can expect to learn about the effects of climate change on plants, animals, and humans as they navigate through the habitats and ecosystems featured in the virtual museum. The experience also includes suggestions on how they can integrate sustainable choices in their daily lives to conserve the environment. Through the virtual museum, EPC hopes to harness positive change as we work towards a greener tomorrow,” Bonoan said. 

The virtual museum project will feature an audiovisual gallery of different ecosystems that provide users with various information on how these certain ecosystems are affected by climate change. 

The virtual museum will be integrated within the mobile and web application of Camp Kalikasan, an online environmental education resource center, and is set to be available to the public by April 22, 2022.

About WWF:

The World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines is an environmental non-government organization committed to create an impact on biodiversity protection and to respond to the climate crisis -towards a safe and just recovery. WWF-Philippines works with a host of partners including national and local governments, to co-create inclusive, innovative and interdisciplinary solutions that emphasize the role of science in the service of life. 

WWF-Philippines’ focus is on scaled solutions with our partners to match the enormity of the tasks required to address the urgent environmental challenges facing the present and next generations of Filipinos. Its mission is “to stop, and eventually reverse the accelerating degradation of the Philippine environment – to build a future where Filipinos live in harmony with nature.”

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