Mostly Injury-Free: The Most Common Injuries in AFL

Mostly Injury-Free

Mostly Injury-Free: The Most Common Injuries in AFL | Injuries are an integral part of every sport, and according to the researches, AFL or Australian Rules Football tops the list throughout the world.

When evaluating the statistics, the categorisation of the injuries is based on how many games are missed due to a specific injury.

Sports injuries are something doctors treat at their clinic. They implement strategies that alleviate the frequency through conditioning and strength programmes, as well as make the recovery period concise.

The following write-up specifies not only the injuries happening in AFL but also how Buddy Franklin spent his Hawthorn years. Please check it out right now.

AFL Injuries


  • Hamstring Tear


Hamstring tears occur when you pull the muscles running along the back of the thigh. Besides football, people playing soccer, basketball, tennis, and any sport that requires sprinting are at risk. Hamstring injury may also affect runners and dancers.

You will experience stabbing pain and hear a popping sound. Tenderness and inflammation generally develop within a couple of hours. You may also notice bruises and that you are not capable of putting weight on the injured leg.


  • Tooth Intrusion


You will certainly be needing an emergency Hawthorn dentist after AFL mouth injuries. Tooth intrusion is perhaps the most common among the lot. In this condition, the teeth are usually driven back inside the jawbone.

A few complications that you must be prepared for include:

  • Complete destruction of the pulp. It either dies or feels damaged beyond recovery.
  • Shortening of the roots.
  • The root of the injured tooth becomes infused with the alveolar bone.

Instead of looking out for treatment options, thoroughly acquaint yourself with the preventive measures. Spend money on a custom mouthguard and not on tooth replacement therapy.


  • Shoulder Dislocation


Shoulder dislocations occur when the bone in your upper arm pops out of its socket that is a part of the shoulder blade. The shoulder is believed to be the most mobile joint, thus, is prone to dislocation. Seek medical assistance immediately. People admitted restoring shoulder function in only two weeks or so.

About Buddy Franklin

According to John Longmire, the coach of Sydney Swans, none can gauge the anxiety of living in Melbourne’s football-mad culture. It is due to this reason that Lance Franklin, also known as Buddy, insisted that he getting hurt would not really be a hurdle.

Although Buddy Franklin’s Hawthorn years were mostly free of injuries, a tad soreness in his calf, unfortunately, delayed the training by a week. He has also missed the entire season last year due to groin pain.

Longmire said the availability of Franklin for round one against the Brisbane Lions is still under speculation. The player’s body and his entire wellbeing will indicate when exactly he will be able to play.

Bottom Line

To summarise, it is highly unlikely that an athlete will sit throughout the season or miss matches. The healing time varies to a great extent and relies largely on accomplishing key goals and capacities to safely return to play.

In case you suspect you have got hurt severely or have sustained some sort of condition, please treat in the best possible way.