How to Lose Fat in Your Hips and Tummy

Ana  Margarita Olar |

Have you ever dreamed of fitting on your favorite top but ditch the idea because your stomach is bulging? Or have you had trouble finding clothes to hide your bulging tummy?

You don’t have to hide anymore. Take action right now.

Here are some ways to lose fat in your hips and tummy:



One way to lose tummy fat is to control what you eat. Ditch too much added sugar. When you consume too much fructose, your liver will  store it in form of fat. So if you are addicted to sweets and sodas, beware.

Consuming a large amount of sugar may be the primary factor in the accumulation of belly fat. To curb your craving, opt for water, fresh fruit juices, or whole fruits.


Another way to lose belly fat is to cut the carbs or to choose your source of carbs. There are 20 randomized trials that support this. A low carb diet (where you are allowed to eat as much as you want except carbs) achieved greater results than a low-fat diet (here you go calorie restricted and hungry).

You can get you source of carb from sweet potato, banana, and similar foods as they are not converted readily into fats. Avoid refined carbs such as white bread and pasta.


Who says that you should be restricted in all types of food to get that fit body? Replace refined carbs with protein intake because in help to reduce cravings, boost metabolism and lessen your calorie intake every day.

Opt for high protein foods such as legumes, fish, sea foods, eggs, meat, and dairy products.


Choose soluble and viscous fiber to help you lose belly fat. This type of fiber binds with water in your gut and forms a thick gel. This, in turn, will slow down the process of digestion and prolongs the absorption of nutrients. So you get the most benefits from the food you eat. You also feel full much longer.


Engage in a complete workout with warm up, cardio, core workout, strength training, and cool down. You don’t want to end up with toned belly, sagging arms, thigh with cellulite, right? So try these workout routines for physical fitness.

If you don’t see any changes over a period of time, don’t get frustrated. Don’t give in to frustration. Think positive. Search for new recipes and workouts so that you can enjoy your journey to a fit and healthy belly.