Does Long Commutes Make You Gain Weight?


Ann Gabriel | VigorBuddy

Nowadays, commute time has become a tough challenges to beat. With all the major traffic on all thoroughfares being experienced on a day to day basis, getting from your home to your office and back again is fast becoming a major part of our daily existence. The simple effort of commuting has a significant importance to what we actually thought it would be. Long commutes are hazardous for your health.

We all know that daily commute can still be a pleasurable experience for most of us, as this gives us more time to reflect and possibly an opportunity to relax beyond the hustles and bustles of daily life. Here in the Philippines, Metro Manila experiences the longest commutes in the world. Non-active commutes are harmful. Travelers, who experience long hours of travel experience stress the most. Traffic jams, delayed time of travel, overcrowding in trains and buses, uncomfortable temperatures, and a long journey were some of the frustrations commuters complain about.

Longer commutes may also lead to weight gain. People have less time to prepare healthy meals at home. Traffic deprives them of the time to do more for themselves, like cooking healthy foods. Commuters are forced to consume food and drinks that are available in transportation centers or convenience stores. Buying and consuming fast food items and unhealthy snacks contribute largely to weight gain. Workers are said to consume an average of 767 additional calories a week.

Time consumed in traffic deprives people of the time to do exercise. Reduced physical activity contributes to a higher body mass index (BMI) and elevated blood pressure levels

Some strategies that you can do is to make your trips a bit healthier, by standing instead of sitting in the bus or train. It is also good to go down a kilometer or two from your intended destinations as walking the rest of the way is a good way to get more physical activity.

Instead of the usual cranky and noisy music blaring on your headphones try using meditation tapes, listening to soothing music, or deep breathing.

Make sure that what you eat contains nutrient-rich ingredients, as this may affect your mood and energy levels.

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