Level Up your Leadership with Francis Kong

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Vigorbuddy| Level Up your Leadership with Francis Kong| Francis Kong, one of the most respected business speakers in the country, will be conducting a 2-day seminar-workshop with a comprehensive course on leadership training on May 25-26, 2016 in Shangri-la at The Fort.

The training is designed to equip high potential leaders with effective and proven principles, behaviors and applications with the objective to develop the business organization’s most important asset – their valued people.

The highly interactive training is based on the philosophy that as leaders develop themselves they lead their people better and as a winning team grows the business. During the 2-day session, participants will undergo the processing of actual business cases, lesson enhancing activities, and sharing of best practices.

One of the essential activities during the training will be the book review and actual processing of a vital leadership lesson based on the book “Hard Headed and Soft Hearted” authored by Zig Ziglar’s number one trainer Krish Dhanam and former Microsoft International President Rick Belluzio.

At the end of the 2-day effective and interactive training, participants are expected to understand the current business landscape and challenges; appreciate technology; develop creativity and embrace innovation; develop the ability to attract and retain talents; learn more about family business dynamics and its correlation to leadership development; acquire effective tools on personal leadership development; and most especially, network with industry leaders

About the main facilitator

Entrepreneur, columnist, broadcaster, book author Francis Kong is a recipient of the 2014 TOFIL (The Outstanding Filipino) Awards. He is highly experienced in the field of manufacturing and retail. Francis also founded and ran a garments company profitably for 17 years. His other businesses include a consultancy company, a children’s educational company, a publishing company, and others.

As a business consultant Francis sits as an adviser and a personal coach to many of the country’s top leaders and achievers. As a broadcaster Francis runs a radio program at DZFE-FM. As a public speaker and a trainer Francis averages more than 300 talks, keynotes and seminars every year. As a book author Francis has authored 18 books and more are in the pipeline.


  • Anvil Award for Excellence for the staging of the John Maxwell Seminar series
  • Anvil Award for Excellence for his book “Famealy Matters”
  • Communications and Leadership Awards from Toastmasters
  • 4 time Catholic Mass Media Awardee for Best Business Column for years 2009, 2010, 2013 and 2014
  • Dr. Jose Rizal Awards for Journalism. Fold Quill Awardee for Public Speech Category

For more information on the event, contact Klang Sanchez at 09498892030 or klang@heartshaper.asia.