Is It Normal For a Baby’s Teeth to Be Crooked?

Is It Normal For a Baby's Teeth to Be Crooked?

Is It Normal For a Baby’s Teeth to Be Crooked? | Seeing your child’s crooked baby teeth probably set off a lot of alarm bells for the first time.

But you also know better than anyone else that you’re easy to stress out, especially in this stage of your baby’s development.

So what happens if baby teeth come in crooked? Is it something to worry about? Can you do anything about it?

To know the answer to these questions, keep reading. We’ll let you how much concern is warranted over crooked baby teeth.

Let’s Cut to the Chase — Yes, it’s Normal

So, do baby teeth come in crooked? Is it normal? Yes — and not only is it normal, but it’s almost expected.

This pertains especially to babies’ first teeth, which might become crooked from splitting apart from each other. But unless your child expresses discomfort from their crooked teeth, there’s most likely nothing to worry about.

Is it Harmful to My Baby’s Health?

Not in most cases. If crooked teeth were as harmful as they were common, then there’d be a huge cause for concern. But otherwise, there’s not much need to worry.

Baby teeth coming in crooked also do not necessarily reflect how their permanent teeth will look like. Give your baby at least a decade to see how their permanent teeth will truly look like.

Why Are They Crooked?

Both genetics and environmental causes can play a huge part in crooked baby teeth. Even you, as a parent, can contribute to baby teeth growing in crooked.


Some people are genetically predisposed to more crooked teeth than others. If that applies to your baby, then they’ll probably need to receive treatment with permanent teeth. Adult crooked teeth are permanent crooked teeth, after all.

Again, there’s no guarantee about what your baby’s teeth will look like in the future. But you and your partner remembering what your teeth looked like (pre-braces, of course) can help answer your question a bit better.


Many babies also suck their thumb, which can cause their front teeth to split apart from each other. But sticking a pacifier into their mouth instead won’t help either. Pacifiers can also cause crooked teeth, but they can also even cause an overbite with overuse.

Can I Do Anything About It Right Now?

If your baby has crooked teeth, it may indicate that they’ll need pediatric orthodontics in the future. But for now, baby teeth fall out relatively quickly. Fretting over them now with treatment is financially wasteful and mentally exhausting.

Until you wait out the allotted decade, you can incorporate careful infant oral care into your baby’s routine. You should also discourage your young one from sucking their thumb and stop pacifier usage after 12 months.

Free Yourself From Worries About Crooked Baby Teeth

Being a parent, especially a new parent, is a rollercoaster of an experience. But two of the few stable constants you can rely on as a parent are your undying love and concern for your child.

That’s why something like crooked baby teeth can feel like a heavy blow. But worry not. This article exists to inform you on the scope of actual danger that your child is in — which is none.

If this article eased your worries, then check out the rest of our site! We’ve got plenty of content dedicated to loving parents like you.