Integrity Matters in Long Term Relationships Part 2


Ann Gabriel | Vigorbuddy

Continued from Part 1

All the dreams and aspirations that you have with this person is suddenly in a quicksand.

Promises are fulfilled by people with integrity.

The persons promise of till death do us part will be meaningless, because he himself already possesses a “Get out of Jail free” card, once you ignored this truth. He will have power over you, and everything that you want and say will be meaningless.

When people become desensitized to lying, then they become more and more willing. This situation will be most convenient to them. Dishonesty is like having weeds in your garden. Ignore them, and soon you will have a weed garden.

Your partner must have integrity. Integrity is what holds everything together.

Can you count on his integrity and rationality to make a difference in your world?

If your partner is honest with himself, then it’s much more likely that he’ll remain honest with you. If he’s not in the habit of fooling himself, then he’s less likely to try and fool you. Introspective people are the type who go and talk to some kind of confidante when experiencing a personal conflict; or are, from time to time, willing to talk to people in their lives about what’s bothering them.

Evaluate your partners’s psychological health before you marry him. Observe, and watch carefully over time.

Watch how your partner handles stressful situations, in particular.

Does he habitually deny and evade his emotions, even when he could benefit from examining them?

Watch how he over reacts to small things. If he knows your Facebook or email password, change it without telling him. Watch his reaction.

A negative reaction could be a sign of trouble. Marry a person who is introspective. The more honest your partner is with himself, the more honest he will be with you.

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