How to Select the Perfect Juicing Machine?

juicing machines commercial

If you are looking forward to adding a juice menu in your restaurant or you are planning to start a Juice bar or you are just looking forward to upgrading your old juicer then buying a commercial juicer that can perform heavy duty task and is capable of taking out a large number of juices is apt for you. But we often get lured to the cheapest one, isn’t it? But is it worth buying the one just because it is cheap?  The answer is no, coz it’s always good to spend wisely then miserly. Then what should we look for while buying a commercial juicer?  There is a lot more than the money you should consider before buying the one. read on to know more; how to select the perfect juicer for your juice bar!

Before Buying A Juicer, Machine Here Are Things to Consider:

  • Motor:  Do consider the power of motor before buying your juicer machine. Lower power motor could be cheap but will not perform heavy duty tasks that are required in restraints and juice bar and the little money you spent is nothing but waste.  
  • Warranty: Every electronic has to be sold with a warranty proof, which may last from 6 months to a little over 365 days. Whatever may the warranty period be, it does assure the life of the juicing machine for a considerable period of time. 
  • Cleaning and Maintenance:  Juices are refreshing and healthy but if hygiene is not kept in mind while making them, it will instead make the consumer sick. Thus, buy the machinery that is easy to clean and maintain.  
  • Space Matters:  There is a vast range of items kept in a shop/showroom when they are to be sold, and you might start liking a lot of them too. However, when it comes to juicing machines, you might like to go for a small one, as it will not take up much space. In today’s world, space is a great matter for most of the people, and accommodating new gadgets is also a painful task at times. 
  • Speed: Do look into the timing and speed of the juicer, how fast and what amount of juice can it take out. This will affect both cost and business.  
  • The Types of Juicers: There are various kinds of juicing machines, like the centrifugal ones, masticating juicers, or citrus juicers. Each one of these has a particular purpose where it is to be used. For example, Centrifugal ones are used to extracting the juice of fruits, vegetables, and most other regular things. The masticating juicers are used primarily for crushing hard and difficult items like nuts and wheat-grass. These juicers are slow and not chosen as much as the centrifugal. There are citrus juicers also. These are used primarily for blending fruits which are rich in citric acid like lemons, limes, and oranges. Always buy the appliance according to the need you have, as it is you who will use it later.
  • Noise:  Some heavy-duty mixers are very noisy avoid them as they will badly affect the ambiance of your place. 
  • Spare Parts:  Do not buy the machine which can’t be repaired easily. Before buying find out if the spare parts of the machines are easily available in the market or not. 

Commercial juicing machines are sturdier, and they have powerful motor thus they are priced higher than a household unit, but they are worth the investment.  Always remember that it is your appliance, and it is you who will have to choose it wisely. So, when buying a juicing machines commercial don’t compromise on its quality!