How to Make a Christmas Gift Hamper for Men

Christmas Gift Hampers | It’s that time of the year again – Christmas! One of the most eagerly awaited holidays in the entire year. This is the time to be with friends and family, and to give each other gifts to show your love and appreciation.

If you have a man in your life – your father, your son, your boyfriend or husband, your friend – then why not give him a gift hamper this Christmas? You can fill it up with his favourite things and watch as his face lights up! 

Here’s how you can go about making Christmas gift hampers for him:

Pick a Theme

The first thing you should do before getting started on a gift hamper is to pick a theme. It could be based around his favourite sports team, his favourite activity, etc. So, for example, you man loves to barbeque, then make him a gift hamper centred around a grill set. Or, if he loves the outdoors, you could make him a gift hamper with things related to his hobby. 

Don’t Buy the Hamper Until You Have All Your Gifts

Buy the container last. It can be really frustrating to find out that the hamper you bought is too large or too small for the gifts that are supposed to go inside it. So, a good idea is to buy or make all the gifts you have planned for the hamper, and then buy the hamper.

And the hamper doesn’t need to be a traditional basket. You can get creative here to and add to the theme. So, if you’re planning a barbeque theme, then you could use a small beer tub instead of a basket, and then fill that tub up with all his favourite barbeque goodies. These could be meats or even grilling equipment. The choice is yours. 

Presentation Matters

Bunging everything into a hamper will not really cut it. To make a gift hamper really exciting, you need to present it properly too. After all, presentation is half the fun. The hamper should be a complete set – the theme, the gifts and the decoration on it. That’s what makes a complete gift hamper for your man. 

More is Less Expensive!

Most of the time, we will buy our loved ones one expensive gift and leave it at that. However, when you make a gift hamper, you give your man more, but end up actually spending less! This is because you’re buying many small items that follow a theme. 

Here’s an example. Say your husband loves fishing. So, you go out and buy a simple bait bucket, fishing lines, hooks, bobbers, lures, and even a small first aid kit. And of course, no fishing trip is complete without his favourite beers in that hamper! You can decorate it with a fishing net, or even some simple burlap! 

When you compare the cost of getting all the fishing gear versus buying him an expensive designer perfume, you’ll see the difference. And this is something he will appreciate a lot more than that perfume. 

Personalise the Gifts

There are many ways that you can personalise your Christmas gift hamper. You can add cards with handwritten messages, you can have the fits engraved or monogrammed and even printed. 

Let’s take another example. You have bought your darling man a beer making kit for his hamper. Then you could add a couple of engraved beer glasses to go along with that kit! 

The idea of a DIY gift hamper is that you give your loved one something you know you will not get at stores. It’s a work of love that will be appreciated a lot more than a store-bought gift.