How to have fun by yourself


by Maria Suzanne Plana |

We often associate fun with being social like attending parties, bonding over food, and carpooling through the city with our loved ones. Sometimes, having too much time with other people has an underlying negative effect on our emotional health. Because we are used to the company of others, we tend to be afraid of being alone. But it is actually okay to have fun by yourself.

Here’s how:

Watch people

One of the best activities to do by yourself is to watch people. Sit in a coffee shop, or a nearby park and simply asses what other people are doing. By observing them or trying to eavesdrop on some conversations, you will find yourself making notable realizations about yourself and life in general, and even having a good laugh.

Read a book

Reading may not sound like fun to others. But do not be afraid, just grab a magazine or a book and sit in a corner to indulge yourself with its content. Books can do wonders. It can take you to places you have never imagined, teach life changing lessons and often times explain feelings that we don’t have the right words for.

Discover new things

Travel around town or your neighborhood and look for new places to eat, relax, or bond with your friends. Experience all these new things and share them later on with your loved ones. It is always fulfilling to know that you are the first to know about a certain something.

Rock out to your jam

Being by yourself is the best time to go crazy and rock out to your jam. No one is there to judge you so go all out and make a fool of yourself while listening or singing to your favorite songs. After all, letting loose and channeling your inner crazy from time to time is always a good escape from the constraints of everyday life.

Pamper yourself

Having fun by yourself is incomplete without taking some time off to pamper yourself. To do this you can either visit your favorite spa, restaurant, or even stay at home. Treat yourself with a relaxing massage, good food, or a deep sleep, whichever you prefer. The next day, you’ll feel re-energized and happier.

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