How to Control High Blood Pressure in 30 Days


By Ana Margarita Olar|

Hypertension or high blood pressure is becoming more popular today. The sad fact is even children aged 10 or younger can have high blood pressure too.

Experts claimed that it is a lifestyle related disease. The best way to deal with it is to change your unhealthy habits.

Here are the lifestyle changes that you can consider controlling your blood pressure in 30 days or less:

Take Control

This is your body; you can control it. You didn’t get high blood pressure in a day or two. You gained it because of bad health habits you do repeatedly, every day, for years. Now that you already have hypertension, the first step is to take the responsibility.

Take control. Do a commitment that you will take the lifestyle changes that are necessary. Talk to your family or trusted friends about it.

Ask Your Physician

There are different types and causes of high blood pressure. Paying a visit to your physician is a great start to take control. Learn and be aware of why do you have hypertension? It can be from high cholesterol level, high sugar level, kidney problems or purely from stress. From here, you can better plan the changes that you should take.

2 blood pressureImprove your Lifestyle

Once you learned the root cause of hypertension, you can now plan the lifestyle changes you need. Go watch your diet, engage in exercise, have some good rest and sleep. Eat more vegetables and fish instead of pork and steak. Choose to use the stairs instead of the elevator. These changes are great too.

Hypertension can be scary. Its result can be devastating and can cause your life. But, with proper modification, high blood pressure is a matter of lifestyle change. You can do it; you can control it. Doing these changes don’t mean that you can stop your medication. Do it gradually and with the advice of your physician.