How To Choose the Best Horse Saddle Pads?

How To Choose the Best Horse Saddle Pads?

How To Choose the Best Horse Saddle Pads? | More than a matter of comfort, the right saddle pad will protect the back of your horse. Choosing the horse saddle pad is difficult and you need to consider various factors. You should take as much as needed to ensure that the saddle pad that you are choosing perfectly matches your horse and also your needs. first and foremost, you must check and know the contours of the horse. The body weight and the size of the horse should be considered before you buy saddle pads of any size. Check the spine and the withers of the horse and go for those types of leather pads that are especially made or imported for slightly heavy or mutton-withered horse varieties. 

Tips To Choose The Right Horse Saddle Pads

Match The Contours Of Your Horse 

Matching the contours of the back of your horse and also the contours of the underside of the saddle is very crucial and the saddle pad should not create any pressure on the spine or withers on the horse. Do not worry if you have a mutton withered horses or high withered horses, there are even pads available in the market.If you are confused then you can talk to an expert to choose the best horse saddle pads. It does not matter whether you buy the hunter or the jumper show types, the most important idea is how it fits, how you can carry the saddle when you ride, whether you sit comfortably, whether the horse can move and whether during race, every security aspect gets maintained. You can buy a rectangular or square-shaped pad, or customise one depending on the type of requirement that you have. If you have daily requirement then the saddle can be little costly, but if you have a serious requirement then you can go for the slightly expensive ones. 

Search For The Right Style

There are three basic styles of saddle pads shaped, square and half pads. These pads are available in various colours, and you can choose the best one according to your preferences. 

Choose The Right Size 

Be sure to match the type of pad with your type of saddle. Pads are generally made with different styles, and you need to measure the saddle of your horse before you choose.There are times when you feel that the body of the horse has developed unevenly, and the right saddle does not fit the contours. In those cases, you can simply go for customisation options and choose one that will be best for the horse. 

Choose The Best Material 

The horse saddle pads come in a variety of material choices. Sheepskin or wool pads can be pricey and requires specialized care, but they can absorb up to three times their weight in water, while the cotton will only absorb its initial weight. Woolen ones are good during the winter, and these pads keep the horse warm, but you can also choose simple cotton pads that can be cleaned, washed and maintained very easily. Sheepskin is available in the market, but you have to oil it and maintain it regularly to get the desired gloss and sheen. 

The saddle that absorbs the shock and provides you with more cushiony feeling is made using polyester. Always keep in mind that if your horse saddle pad fits to your horse in a perfect way, you should also keep some rooms so that you can use a thick pad and do not have to change the saddle. Keeping the pads clean and distributing the saddle pressure equally is also an important task.