How to Avoid Common Allergies This Rainy Season


Mary Rae Floresca |

A few weeks ago, weather forecast news had officially announced the start of rainy season. Aside from worrying about flash floods and common colds, rainy season also triggers allergies. If you have one, here are some significant things you need to understand to help you avoid getting common allergies this rainy season.

What triggers allergy? Allergens. Allergens can be present in pollens from flowers, dust, insects, animal allergens like fur, pollution and other airborne allergens.  But allergies are also caused by the crazy weather in the tropics, the wet and dry season. The rainy season means cold and windy days. The gusty winds carry the pollen into the air causing hay fever or called “Allergic Rhinitis.”

You know you have an allergy when you experienced the following symptoms: runny nose, coughs, itchy and watery eyes, and sore throat. To avoid this, close the windows and stay indoors. Asthmatic people are prone to the cold air and heat as well. Ozone and smog can seriously trigger allergic asthma.

Tropical countries like Philippines experience humid or rainy season or the so-called La Niña. Because of this, the moisture makes mold grow even when you’re inside the house. If you have pets and you are allergic, you might need to rethink having one.  Their skin flakes, urine, and saliva can cause allergic reactions and it worsens when combined with household dust. Dust mites gather in humid air, they stick to your walls, sofas, beds, could be anywhere in your house. These mites are too small, you can’t even see it with your bare eyes.

The common cleaning such as sweeping, dusting and wiping with cleansers isn’t enough. The process of cleaning can stir up dust particles, making them easier to inhale, of course we don’t want that. You may start with sweeping, sure, but it’s highly recommended to invest in a power cleaner, such as Rainbow Cleaning System. Unlike traditional vacuum cleaners, Rainbow works on the natural principle that “Wet Dust Can’t Fly” because it utilizes “The Power of Water” to effectively remove dirt. Rainbow Cleaning System is “asthma and allergy friendly” and the only vacuum cleaner certified as an air purifier by the American Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) is a Certified Air Cleaner. Every Rainbow Cleaning System comes with a lot of attachments that can thoroughly clean your home even beyond your reach. One of their tools is the Crevice Tool that cleans narrow and tight spaces, such as between radiator sections, under radiators, along floor edges and baseboards. Pet furs and the like? They have Upholstery Tool which deeply removes dirt from upholstered furniture. Pollens? They have the Aerofresh Bag that removes stale, dusty air from cushions and pillows and is sized to fit even your largest cushions.

See? It’s that easy to avoid allergies during the rainy day. Keep yourself warm and dry with a help of the best cleaning tools. Want to get rid of your sneezing right away? Just jug some water and maybe a light dose of antihistamine tabs that can be bought over the counter at the pharmacy.


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