How Sweet is Stevia?

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Vigorbuddy | How Sweet is Stevia? | Stevia is a leafy green plant native to the Amambay region in the northeast of Paraguay, but can also be found in other parts of South America. Indigenous populations in Paraguay and Brazil originally used the plant species Stevia rebaudiana as a natural sweetener, calling it the “sweet herb”.

Stevia derives its sweet taste from over 40 natural compounds known as stevial glycosides. Most stevia sold in stores and used in consumer products use purified stevia leaf extracts that contain one or more stevial glycosides. The most common of these glycosides is rebaudioside A, rebaudioside D, and stevioside.

So Exactly How Sweet Is Stevia?

Stevia leaf extracts can be up to 250 to 300 times sweeter than table sugar (sucrose) in the same quantity. Rightfully so, stevia is considered to be a high-intensity sweetener. Stevia leaf extracts are similar in sweetness intensity to many artificial sweeteners on the market but stand out as being an entirely organic alternative.

Purified stevia leaf extracts can exhibit different taste profiles depending on the steviol glycoside(s) that are present. Some, such as rebaudioside D have a clean sugar-like taste while others such as stevioside have a flavor profile that is described as being bitter or metallic.

Whole leaf stevia extracts, which contain a full array of steviol glycosides, are usually a poor substitute for table sugar. Often, other ingredients such as erythritol, dextrose, or maltodextrin are used to alleviate the intense sweetness of stevia leaf extract. With the high-intensity sweetness of stevia leaf extracts, a little bit goes a long way.

Sweet and Fit Stevia

Sweet and Fit Stevia has been developed for years to be the best possible product it can be, and the quality is maintained through stringent screening and analysis during production. Not only are you getting the best-tasting product, but you are also getting Stevia which has not lost any of its characteristics. Sweet and Fit Stevia gives you the health benefits of Stevia while taking away the risks associated with sugar. Sweet and Fit Stevia is healthy sweet, and there is no bitter taste or downside to worry about.

Sweet and Fit Stevia - Vigorbuddy

Where can I buy Sweet and Fit Stevia in the Philippines

Sweet and Fit Stevia is manufactured by Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation. Sweet and Fit Stevia products can be purchased at your local Mercury Drug Store, Generika, South Star Drug, and other leading drugstores. It can also be bought at Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Ever Gotesco, Landmark, and other supermarkets nationwide.

For those looking to shop online, Sweet and Fit Stevia is also available on the official GIDC website and on popular online marketplaces.

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