Healthy Treats on a Stick


Patricia Aleckzandra | Vigorbuddy

Unlike any other popsicles you have tasted, LilBoo  created their ice pops as “all-organic, sugar-free and gluten free” making it guilt-free indulgence! Not only that, but LilBoo also made sure that every ice pop is unique while catering the nutrient every customer needs. If someone lacks energy, then they can customize pops that will help boost their energy levels. Or if an employee is expecting a baby, then they can make a pop that can help in giving the additional nutrients in the formation of the baby. BOO-yah!

As of today, LilBoo has been producing Diet Ice Pops, Energy Booster Pops, Increase Vitality Pops, Wake-Me-Up Pops, Vitamins-on-the-Go Pops, Lil’ Bozzy Pops, Sour Pops, Citrus Pops, Very Berries Pops, The Thinking Pop, Anti-Oxidant King Pops, Flower Pops, Sexy Pops, and for the kids K-Pops.



Under these are some of the most loved flavors like FRUITYBOO™ which will give you additional energy while savoring to the fruity-licious taste of strawberries and blackberries, ripe mangoes, kiwi, dragon fruit, pink pomelo, apples, pears, lime and oranges, honey, and carnation flowers. Quench your cravings for those sweet coconuts by trying their BOO COCO™ which is made with real young golden coconut meat and water, red roses, pandan leaves, stevia leaves and flowers. Indulge on endless summer while maintaining that perfect shape with their KIWI BOO MELON™ which is made from kiwi, watermelon, kale, spinach, flax seed with a bit of their secret natural sweeteners. Catching a cold but still want to soak your teeth on something frozen? Let it go and grab their KIWI BOO MELON™. This pop is full of Vitamin C because it is made with orange juice and peel, grapefruit, pomelo bits, fresh calamonding, and freshly squeezed lemons and lime. These are only some of the many flavors LilBoo has offered us.

This June, LilBoo made something special to make our month happier and healthier with their JUNE SUPER 8 BOO POPS, which include ABOOCADO, FRUITY-BOO, KIWI-KOALA, KIWI-BOO-MELON, MANGO-BOO-YAH, ORANGE-BOO-LEMONS, STRAW-BOO-BERRY, and VERY-BOO-BERRY. Grab and try one now!