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Vigorbuddy | Healthy Travel Food Pack When You Travel | Travelling can give you the happiest memories in your life. You can see different views and landscapes throughout your journey. Every trip has its own story and so do the different people you meet along the way. An important essential for a traveler or adventurer is the food pack. In this article, we will talk about a healthy travel food pack that you can prepare for your travels either through air or land.

Traveling by Car

Traveling by car is the best experience with your bakarda or family. Road tripping is one of those activities that make the journey as fun as the destination. Bringing food is important when you travel by car. Some travelers prefer to bring junk food, but here are healthy travel food pack options that you can bring on your journey.


  • Pasta Salad
  • Wheat Bread Chicken Sandwich
  • Hard-Boiled Egg


Traveling by Airplane

Most flights don’t provide food these days (or they sell mostly junk), so advanced planning is a must if you want to stay on track with your healthy eating objectives. You’ll spend a large amount of money if you’re counting on buying food at the airport or onboard, plus not all airports carry a healthy food pack. Here are some healthy travel food packs you can prepare before going to the airport.


  • Peanut butter sandwich
  • Chicken sandwich with lettuce
  • Cheese sandwich


Since you can’t bring liquids to the airport terminal, put the food in a small, insulated container and bring empty, resealable plastic bags. Fill the resealable plastic bags with ice at the airport to create your own ice pack.

Where can I buy Glorious Blend Healthy Travel Food Pack in the Philippines?

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