Guide to Redecorating Your Bedroom

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Spacious 1-Bedroom Loft

Joanna Marie, Vigor Buddy | Dana Claudat is a writer, and creator of the lifestyle blog ‘The Tao of Dana‘.  She enjoys helping people bring the art of Feng Shui into their homes with creativity and straightforwardness, thus reducing stress in the person’s busy life.

According to Claudat, bettering a home in any way qualifies as an aspect of Feng Shui in her latest book.  On the basic level, one home repair, a new piece of art, or a large house cleaning will qualify as introducing the act of Feng Shui into one’s lifestyle; there are an infinite number of ways whereby a person can integrate this science into their life.

As the bedroom is typically out of sight, it is often a neglected area when considering interior home design; however, according to Claudat, the bedroom deserves attention for several reasons.  Dana Claudat states that the bedroom is a room of rejuvenation on a cellular level with sleep being the most passive part of the day mentally and physically. Bedrooms can also be associated with a person’s intimate relationships meaning that the items in the room are the first things seen when you wake up in the morning.

In her book, Claudat points out that a person should take pride in their bedroom regardless of how simple it is.  A healthy and appealing bedroom can improve one’s self-esteem contributing to a more positive personality and better sleep patterns.  Below are some tips to improve the state of a bedroom:

Keep The Air Fresh

One of the simplest methods to create peace and harmony in a room is by keeping the air fresh.  Opening the window approximately ten minutes before going to bed and then closing the window can form a fresh sleeping area.

Keep The Closets Clutter-Free

Keeping a closet free of clutter can remove extra noise and weight from a bedroom.  Clutter is not only a physical weight, but can also contribute to mental weight. If you clear out what is no longer required or desired, then you will be able to create extra space in the area.  By learning to live with a minimal amount of items is a good way of keeping a room clutter-free, as well as contributing to streamlining your life overall.

Wash The Bed Sheets

It is highly recommended that you wash the bed linen at least once per week using a non-toxic, fragrance-free detergent.  By doing this, you will free the bedroom of any additional bacteria or dust mites. I opt to clean my bed linen each week and dry-clean the down comforters at a cleaner every couple of months.

Place Lavender Sachets In The Drawers

By placing lavender sachets in the cabinet drawers, you will be able to infuse the area with a layer of fragrance.  This will increase a sense of relaxation on both a mental and physical level.

Clean The Room Daily

Some individuals find it difficult to keep a bedroom clean, but making your bed and collecting clothes from the floor daily makes the task easier.

New Mattress

A new mattress can really help with better sleep and can make all the difference to your level of comfort when in bed. These Denver mattress reviews look positive and a lot of people are investing in one of these new mattresses.

Equal Contribution From A Couple To The Decor

It is recommended that a couple contribute equally to the bedroom decor and the arrangement of the furniture.  In many cases, only one person will decorate the room and the other individual will not be represented in the room at all.  When each person has an equal contribution, they will see their style in the bedroom and will enjoy the room more than if there is no representation of their personality.

Keep Electronics Out Of The Room

Despite the fact that electronics rule people’s lives in today’s society, it is recommended that you keep gadgets out of the bedroom.  Evidence has shown that laptops, televisions, iPads, video games, and mobile phones can cause disruption in sleep patterns. Furthermore, the gadgets emit electromagnetic waves and, while this is considered controversial, the waves are thought to disrupt the immune system and nervous system.