Four facts about six-pack abs that you need to know

Vigorbuddy | Four facts about six-pack abs that you need to know | If there’s one body part that will be the basis for judging an individual’s fitness level, it would have to be well defined abdominal muscles. The well-defined six-pack is something everyone who exercises, male or female would most likely wish to attain. 

If six-pack city is your desired destination, here are four facts you need to know about visible abdominal muscles.

Everybody has a six-pack – It’s an integral part of human musculature. Yes, everybody, even the ones with the highest fat levels have a beautiful set of abdominal muscles. Only, in most cases, it is covered by layers of body fat which hide those muscles from plain sight.  The tough part is working to lower fat levels to reveal that six-pack.

We can’t crunch or plank your way to abs – While doing crunches, planks and other core exercises may strengthen and shape our abdominal muscles, they will not make our abs visible if our body fat levels remain high. Relying on ab exercises alone will not cut the cake. 

Women have to work harder for them – Men and women require a certain amount of essential fat for their bodies to function. By nature’s design, women require more essential fat than men. This is for proper hormonal function and as stored energy if and when pregnancy takes place. Biologically, women are designed to store fat in the stomach and hip areas, thus, the difficulty in shedding fat.  Lowering body fat levels is the key for a visible six-pack. Ergo, women need to work harder than men if they want their abs to pop out. 

Abs are made in the gym and in the kitchen – This dual approach is the best path to take in our quest for a chiseled six-pack. Take note that in order  to shed body fat we need to be in a calorie deficit on a regular basis. This simply means that the energy we expend should be more than the calories that we take in. If we exercise regularly but still imbibe more calories than needed, we fail to lose fat and stray from our goal of having abs. Having a shredded six-pack is as much about working out, as it is about eating the proper amounts of food in their correct macro-nutrient proportions. Exercise and eat right with equal effort for satisfactory results.

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Greggy Romualdez is a communication professional and political analyst. He has a rudimentary understanding of the basic principles of exercise, fitness and nutrition–gained through years of research and experimentation.  Greggy espouses a science-based approach to making people reach their fitness and physique goals. Under his guidance and coaching, he has successfully helped friends and family members undergo sustainable physique transformations.  He has contributed columns to the Manila Times and the Business Mirror.  


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